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In empty caverns u.v. mentasph3r3 we combine synaps3s in order > r3d3sign our mind. Industrial d3sign has proven to be the most functional + integrated zone of art in actual application. The Bauhaus of the 20s/30s and Italian automobile manufacturers since 1950s are examples of strides towards a usable skulpture for daily life, where such styles as Synthetic Cubism & Futurismo influence formz directly.

Buddhist ink brush painters have been known to study their subject for a week then complete werx in moments. Is the oasis u.v. functionality with visual balance in the stars, or near at hand? Can the 21st century fulfill the visionary fin~de~sickle attempts at redrawing integration u.v. human w/ metropolii? “Mortality, longevity, incept dates…” The replikants want more life: Farther!!!!

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