[n] 90d|n w3 +rVz+


The necessity for a new language is paramount to the advancement u.v civilization. An antiqued alphabet must be upgraded w/ an alphanumerik system, the esperant0 u.v. text. In a post~k0ldwar, spaceinf0age digi^world there needs to be a reflection u.v. changes in the qwerty keyboard. “|n 90d|n vv3 +rVz+” and “9yr3x |z th3 m0+r/\ u.v. OO” should be much easier to type.

For these are the challenges for the next komputer operating system management: to re-designate the typewriter to the 21st century. In a new millennium we can not intellectually afford to be trapped in a post~middle ‘ye olde towne’ English. “/\|ph/\ num3r|k ‘z n3x+”. How can the dictionary lexicographers ignore the tsunami u.v. ‘text’ not as part in parcel> language?

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