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Albert Ayler^. Cecil Taylor said to me that Sunny Murray took him to see Albert Ayler for the first time around 1962. After the gig, Ayler walked up to meet Cecil and says “We should play”. Cecil said “F^`* you!”. Not because he did not like the music- Cecil just felt Albert hadn’t introduced himself, and was not polite in a ‘dues paying’ way. Albert was an unknown,  just out of the army in Europe before returning > Cleveland to play w/ his brother Donald the trumpeter {and well before Spiritual Unity which Sunny drummed on later}. This story was relayed to me 1st person. Walking on empty tides

At least one u.v. us was drinking Brandy Alexanders; I must say that as much as Mr. Taylor is epic in his approach to piano his approach in conversation is similarly threaded with brilliant tangents well worth following for the mere fact of pure knowledge excursions. Who says harmolodic music is for elitists is polar wrong; free music is the blues u.v. the avant- terrestrial! Albert Ayler‘s tenor sax is to me like the lamb u.v lioness [pure in spirit is his chaos}, his music’s like Neptune’s mother’s home cooking. Uni so fresh you’re on a boat; the diver surfaces with it right there on the water. Fr3sh vizionz cascading…

I told Cecil I had the rare LP Spring of  Two Blue Jays on his self published Unit Core Records {he was stoked as he himself didn’t have a copy!}. Furthermore, that when my grandmother passed I did a triptych in blue & white paintings I called Spring u.v. 3 Blue Jays dedicated to her. I reminded him at a mid-town concert in ’95 I’d given him a tiger’s eye rock to keep him safe on his piano exorcisms of infinitii. He then recalled instead of asking for an autograph I gave him a pebble. We laughed. Unseen unheard u.v...

I even played him Sonic Youth Daydream Nation [loud] before his concert I did the live p.a. mix for. Thinking I’d intro’d him to some kool tunez, he was too hip~ he says: “yeah, I jammed with Thurston last week @ the Knitting Factory”! The concert I mixed at the Mattin Center\ Johns Hopkins University was the end of his residency there. Tony Oxley drummed a furious percussive onslaught including metal objects on his kit while Cecil wailed on the piano like he was trying to summon a dark wizard from a parallel universe of subatomic endurance racecar velocity. He proves w/ piano we’re all free. Zenter…

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