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“Do you understand? I’m a garbageman!” -Lux Interior R>I>P

For youth who mistake RockBand games or 20 ~somethings who play watered down ‘indy/emo’ : take a good look at  this picture.

This is rock ‘n’ roll.  Bryan ‘DMF’ Gregory 1954 -2001

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Being Liberal

Just sayin’. . .

13 hours ago

C. G. Jung Society of Colorado Springs

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The Conscious Kid

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Chinese Man Spends $400,000 To Buy A Slaughterhouse & Saves 2,000 Dogs.

1 day ago

How to donate to repair Notre Dame after devastating fire

~ U N E S C O ^ H E R I T A G E ^ S I T E ~ ND Cathedral represents & inhabits way more than religion, the peak of pre~Renascence western arts,..

1 day ago

Ruins of 'black magic' house up for sale

~ B O L E S K I N E ^ H O U S E ~ Jimmy Page, Alister Crowley , just a little paint and an exorcist she’ll be rigt, fine?!?

1 day ago

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