shr0ud u.v. gyr3x: s!d3 ‘y’

hi|0w road        f0rx here t0m0rr0w        causeway relieved u.v. s0rr0w

direct insight         heard t0day        we can n0w f0ll0w         a starry night

sandy dunes       red beac0ns flash         0n empty hill         wind in the trees

‘yes’ seems the l0ng r0ute        half step        n0w further 0ut         side stepping

the slip stream        branching n0w        int0 another dream        0ver|ord |0ad~0ut

OO Shroud u.v. 0verl0rd lyrix c0pyright pr0tected *Xarrier Xommvnikationz*2o11 OO

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