mu|+!~!k0ns: 93O5 EP


In 1993 WEPT gathered with /\ H0ng & J. S0rens0n to record two songs [then-new Glass Insulator penned by bassist V0rticite; Ikon 1st attempted on EXIT] at a G0tham studio in the swan song of big apple's pre-gentrified urban genius on a heated midsummer nights dream… 0n > 3m 996 2" reelz @ 30 i.p.s. thru an SSL console, original Pultec kompressor on the bass, a Telefunken U47 mic on Xopher'z vocal, alongside jh()s+ Rickenbacker 360-12 string played w/ slide [!] > Sovtek Bigmuff + Boss SE~70 + 'silverface' 410 Fender Bassman.

Ikon was again revisited in a trio of WEPT tunes, including instrumental versions of Deforest [as 1st attempted on 88's EXIT] & Telekast [riff from 1986's Rudenotse Wake II].  The trinity of tight tunage was inscribed > hard drive in 2005 mostly live [fretless bass overdubs on Ikon & Deforest only] with jh()s+ at this point rocking a 70's Les Paul into a Mes/\ Studio 22 on floor of {though not it's recording apparatus} Kimchee Studio in Cambridge… Not bad for a days werk. Detailed liner notes > both sessions included w/ purchase u.v. EP.

Hear the evolution of Ikon as it becomes a 'standard'. For WEPT only today, tomorrow in a 'real book'. We're even good with it in the 'fake book'; for now we'll have to settle for FaceBook?


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