\/\/3p+ \/\//\|<3 I

"Jesus wept". The eponymous debut album u.v. WEPT was originally a c-60. Now it's available again via download from our Katalog page for the 1st time in a quarter century {originally then released on Carrier Communications' Cassettes in 1986}. Step inside exhibitionz of inner space musings set to an instrumental soundtrack fit for hi-def seascapes, empty parking garages, neu vacant strip malls 0r /\nthem's presaging modern unrest. /\ thorny, silky & fragrant flower, no?

Was there /\ difference between sacred\iceage geometry u.v. the Sagra Familia or extracting a whole song from just a spring reverb unit? From insightful spoken word > a nursery rhyme cuaght in spiderz web, WAKE I is full of surprises at every turn. The vibe is in continuous flux; from reverence for our beb0pitude ancestors > an electric rejection of  music the0~heretical limits. Check an LP which founded both band & record labelz aesthetix u.v. Iceage multi~mediumz. /\ \/\//\|<3!

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