new xingle released: xarriari wolftr!n!t!

X/\RR|3R |NFR/\ST/\RW3RX R3C0RD|NGS in tandem with 0phidianz Muzik Publishing presents Serpent's Exile's new xingle Xarriari Wolftriniti. Whom knew this band might exist, and to who it's new:  X/\RR|ER News is a launch u.v. long awaited much anticipated Serpent's Exile. The twinheaded dueling guitars and songwriting team is Vorticite Exile & Jh0st Exile. Just parts of their combined performance & recording resume include Purple |vy Shadows, Siddal [Bedazzled Records], DT’s [Merge Records], & Statik [Xarrier Infrastarwerx]. They are backed by Noseye Exile on bass, Animii Exile on drums and Brainskan Exile on the   b+w   88's. Serpent's Exile coronation launches it's epic maiden voyage Xarriari Wolftriniti, ready for $1 purchase download on the KATALOG {free full~song previews here}. The first xingle's a glimpse u.v. what's 0n the horizon from forthcoming EP: 'Serpent's Exile  : ENTER: Wake V(orticity)' later this year. . .This song defies genre and eludes description; like the wolf-protagonist's 1st person lyrix, Xarriari Wolftriniti 'howls' for itself! Crank it up to 11.1~ that's 1 louder past 11 then, innit? r0k0u+ n0\/\/! As superfan Ev0m0rphinitii commented w/ precision: "righteous theme: save wildlife & conserve nature while headbanging > pr0g~metal!" Be the first to own our Best?!? Serpent's Exile is the new WEPT born from it's gyrations yet now exceeding it.

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