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Ecology u.v. the telestarvoid, that which ensigniates all energy, light, and empty space. The playing filed u.v our waking dreams…the silent music of time. A konversation regarding konservation u.v. resources, and the xpiritual recomendation of wildlife preservation. Shall these topix be discussed in lyrix, or do they distract from the music? In the case of the Xarrier Infrastarwerx Recordings, our muse are the guitars themselves; being made of wood, it's makes us radio druids u.v. the Ice Sage. Once removed from the groves of old~growth trees the very boats our anscestors explored on, these very guitars u.v. our dreams are relix from a bygone epoch. When only musicians wrote music and instruments had a pride of build quality even when assembly~line produced. Thus the spectral feedback present when the guitar faces the amp could be said to be the ghosts of the tree's soul; the earth, rain & sunlight that fed it's health. In life they bent with the winds in silent compliance w/ natures des9z, while in an afterlife as musical instruments a vibrational potential as soundmaker is freed into the air & to our ears.The animals who grazed those same forests spirits may also inhabit the guitars & drums of wood who also deserve to referenced in the music… Calling to their defense from /\ vox now singing thru the amplification, microphones & speakers to liberate the animus u.v the animals anscestors from the disrespectful philosophy of many who feel like the natural world is there specificly to serve our needs at any cost. When there are too few fish as a result from decades u.v. overfishing, this type u.v greed becomes it's own self fufilling prophecy of dyfunction! If not for the right xpiritual reasons, then for the practical ones we must not eat all the bluefin tuna if we love to eat sushi. Eat farm raised salmon. Let new guitars be made from carbon fiber, save the trees and let the wood instruments become markers of the golden age of rock music, in the same way a Stradivarious violin defines xlassikal. Serpent's Exile's journey into /\Vortex Isle u.v. forgotten souls, ice~eye's u.v. glaciers melt weeping into a frozen symphony.

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