b|u3z + j/\sz = r0ck

Listening to Howlin' Wolf's incredible band w/ Sunnyland Slim/ piano, Willie Dixon/ bass, and Hubert Sumlin/ guitar, it becomes apparent that early Zanzibar/ Silvio's electric blues from the windy city was the seminal crossroads: much discussed, but little understood. No one's soul was sold until much later, and they were the British thieves of our bluez! If proof need be given for Howlin' Wolf's authenticity as the true architect of rock 'n'r0||, check this anecdote. He had not seen his own mother in a decade, and when he saw her she cursed at him for 20 minutes saying he played "the devils music". She spited him further by throwing the $500 bill he gave her on the ground and stomping it in half. Damn right he got the bluez! You'll see, the X~roadz weren't a 'place' where Robert Johnson (King u.v. the Delta/ akoustik bluez) met the devil; the X~roadz were the intersection u.v. jazz (the vox, piano & 2cd/ lead guitarist were expressive & melodically free like jazz) and bluez (rhythm/slide guitar as played by Wolf while singing, the bass & the drums were all tight structured 'backbeat'). The hoodoo voodoo mojo magik xhaman muse which was the zeitgeist zazen Zanzibar lightning? Electricity. . .Let there be rock!

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