cory smoot : rock in peace

Legendary metal guitarist, songwriter, soloist & recording engineer/ producer Cory Smoot passed away this week. XARRIER wishes to send our condolences to his family, friends around the world & his brothers in GWAR. May you rock in peace! Jamming above our cosmos w/ Dimebag on lead, Cliff Burton bass & B0nz0 drumming…Rock on ye cr8z shreDiamond! May ye thunder Heaven with a righteous noise, feeding back the clouds! The music you left us shines on…

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~ S 3 R P 3 N T’ Z ^ 3 X I L 3 ~ { X /\ R | /\ R /\ | ^ W 0 L F T R | N I T |’ } #Bluenami

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~ B L U E N A M I ~ {Tsunami of Democracy} #Bluenami #VoteFreeBlues

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