***3nd ~*2O12*~ b3g!n***

Please excuse our silence over the western new year 2012 (the begining of the end of the begining of time according to the Mayans?) and Chinese New Year of the Dragon 4709! Yes, despite our 'cyborgian texts', 0mega~numerix & space rock jams, we too have families and need to occasionaly be 'human' as opposed to extra~terrestrial! We welcome you to the next quarter century. 2011 was our silver anniversary for Carrier Communications Cassettes, celebrated by a massive reissue campaign…evolving virtual era version: Xarrier Infrastarwerx Rek0rdingz 2O12.

bakery inversion

This year Serpent's Exile's -in-progress 6 song werk ENTER: wake Vorticity will be ready for satelite radio transmission to this planet & others! It's only rock n r0||, but we love it & so shall you. May the music-godz rock yr omniverse~ Thee trixx still b3 prevailin'! Liketh thine heavy~rock brethren, thou shalt not falter! Make the feedback sustain & focus yr brains! Pax over & out ~ "space z daXda place", sincerely from Serpents u.v. Vortex~Islemusic publishing. Also keep ears & eyes out for another Xarrier blokrokin'~party EP by Jh0st's epic sideproject S+/\+!k

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