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  The primary component in human cerebral brain activity can be described in scientific terms in various ways. However, it is clear within the external expression of bespoke mind's ability to communicate these same thoughts to the outside world can be clarified in five letters: w-o-r-d-s. George Orwell in his galvanizing 20th century classic 1984 stated : "Doublethink is basically the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them". Of course this is not far off from an artificially induced schizophrenic state of mind. In the whole politically correct/ anti-politically correct pendulum set in motion by doublethink (in the real world), it is too often the case that a true idea is labeled by either side as PC or non-PC . Either can be a quagmire depending on which side of the given issue one stands. For example the untrue assertion that corporations are people is not worthy of debate, as it is entomologicaly

 false. By defintion, a person is a biologicaly alive primate~species individual, a seperate entity from all other living beings whom is both cogniscient of their own existence and of free will to decide their own thoughts. A corporation does not match this description on any front. It is a financial agreement, legally approved and operated by multiple entitys. It does not exist without the energy of it's members believing in it's continued economic benefit to those involved. As we can see, Corporations are not People. To describe them as such either in conversation or in some official capacity clearly is 'doublethink'.With the express sole intent of benefiting the business in question 1}  to avoid taxation 2} or gain special privilege & exemption from following safety, pollution, or ecological guidelines as mandated proactive to our general well being. Another reason a Corporation may attempt to define itself as a person is 3} to be able to use it's profit resources to endorse political candidates who may later return the favor 4} by continuing to enable such erroneous legislation which defines a business as a human being! Doublethink in effect…just say NO! Maintain a sane brain, don't believe in the hype of word re-definition.


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