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Did you ever notice how maligned all the brilliant post~punk, Teutonic tranz und danz  (see Bowie's Berlin 'trilogy') music made from 1978- 1984 gets lumped wrongly by historians as part of the genuinely mundane and mediocre pop music made in the mid thru late 80s? The 1980's pop scene on the radio produced few songs which will make it on to the classic rock lists, and is thus rightly detested by most psuedo-music fans. Howevz. . .

From the invention of black & death metal scenes, coming from NWOBHM and/or Motorhead's precursor to punk~hardcore 'crossover' bands to Numan's pioneering inclusion of analog synthesis, crunchy Les Pauls w/ danceable grooves in a rock setting (including tribal drums and echo guitars), '78-'84 phase inadvertandly paved the way for many lesser bands to cash in with watered down cliched versions. Just listen to Public Image Limited's 'Flowers of Romance' album – can we imagine any of that as elevator versions?

That is a nightmare thought whether or not you realize the LP's unique genius. Or try the first 3 Celtic Frost albums, which suprisingly (till they covered 'Heroes') for their grim music & artwork were led by a Bowie & Numan fan. Drums & vox were the beginings of music. Thats what drove the post~punk and early dark~metal scenes. A google's worth of sellout immitations in either camp do not lessen these innovations. Underestimate the electric bass guitar? '78~'84 didn't avoid the use of melodic low~end.                                           

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