w0rds u.v. wisd0m II

"A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist." ~ Buckminster Fuller

Could he have been describing L30 F3nd3r… 0r singlespeeddes9? . . . or Xarrier Infra*werx ? This panoramic perspective u.v. the Eden Project courtesy Jurgen Matern. The two large multi~domes made from ETFE cushions emulate a tropical (1) and Mediterranean (2) biom3nvironment. Constructed in 30 months, opening March '01 in Cornwall {U.K.} it has become a popular destination for visitors. Evidence of visionary inventor and pragmatic philosopher Bucky Fuller's multiple possibilites within his Geodesic Dome concept?
Ornette Coleman, a Fuller fan, recorded his Live In the Caravan of Dreams in a geodome~theater of the same name. Aiming to improve Quality of Life for all and in interest to coexist more harmoniously with the natural world, the domes have been constructed for a multiplicity of usages. From affordable, ergonomic housing soloutions to World's Fair exhibits to self contained ecosystems as shown above, this future thinking architectural contribution may help us explore & colonize Space, in time…
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