Rudenotse, Wake Up!!!

Further!~int0 the damp dark tributaries of XARRIER INFRASTARWERX remastered catalog. Upriver we go with C0l0nel Kurtz, for Inept genii have landed on the Amazonian delta u.v. p0stpunk watery blues! WEPT's 2nd album Re~released: Rudenotse {Wake II} is n0w available 0n Amaz0n. Listererz b3/\w/\re:  p0w3rz u.v. 9yr3x may heal a|| spiritual w0ez up0n 1st |isten! The album's named after 0dd~ep0n0mys drummer's sketch. This is r0ck'n'ro\\ sans kommerce's pretense, str8 fr0m humble Hamlet~Shire > y0u!

His useage u.v. 0n0mat0p0eic syntax [“skdoink^^*bau<>bau” ] was not unlike his drumming : very 0riginal, s0mewhat mind-b0ggling. . .untameable in any event! Welc0me's  parab0|ic Middle~Earthian triba| st0mp & Deja' Vu's l0cked gr00ve martial march record~skipping beats set +0nez for this very 'garage-r0ck' [maybe because it was rec0rded in 0ne!?} ep0ch u.v. early Jesvs WEPT. Suburbia's air-c0nditi0ned flytrap takes the k00| j/\zz k0ncept to the next level…as d0es As I See It's cryptic, spidery pian0 s0|0.

We tempt th0se wh0 vitally seek fleeting treasures u.v. meaning in s0und w/ a few [n0n-sequential, th0 quite s0u| quenching] stanza's fr0m 1 u.v. Walter Kurtz's faveorite p0etix, T.S. Elliot's The H0||0w Men. Qu0ting 1st fr0m WEPT's +3|3k/\s+3r: " With the Sun up, We f0rg0t about the *Stars* ". Let Wake II speak for itself! BUY the album 0n 0ur newly streamlined & updated CATALOG;  even better directly fr0m our fully |0aded [n0w w/ a d0zen seperate titles available] AMAZON web store. Ruden0tse, WAKE UP!!!

available for purchase $6.99 USD here on our Xarrier Infrastarwerx Catalog or on AMAZON here>>>>

All rights reserved {1986 Carrier Communications} 2O12 X/\RR|3R |NFR/\ST/\RW3RX R3K0RD|NGZ

   Sightless, unless    The eyes reappear     As the perpetual star    Multifoliate rose 

  Of death's twilight kingdom     The hope only    Of empty men. 


     Between the desire    And the spasm    Between the potency 

   And the existence    Between the essence 

  And the descent    Falls the Shadow 


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