“Jesvs WEPT” Wake 1: Remastered On AMAZON!

Back from the archive belfry, WEPT's now on Amaz0n! From En0esque trance of Hydrosphere > the Lou Reed~worthy sardonic piano ballad Nice > the harmolodik frenzy of Urban Xykosis > huanted lullaby of This Hell > telelogical inceptor Fin Whale > Boiler Room's wintery  mix > the pre-postrock drone Carrier. Exhume the album that started it all: "Jesus wept." {Wake I}. Yr' "Welcome" {a song who's opening side 2 of  our next Amazonian adventure,  Rudenotse Wake II coming soon to our remastered Katalog}. Don thy headphones: go on a sonic journey filled w/ the scenic route, from pristine waters > infernal furnaces…

On a Hydrosphere rife with Urban Psychosis, try to be Nice without the urge to Hang 10. born from a technological Womb, a Surrealist can only have been Celibate when sipping and swimming with Skycaps & Sea Amenities. Auto~reverse yr main brain and escape from This Hell,  where the Average Bloke  can only dream of seeing a swimming Fin Whale, in Hues of blue & grey as his dream gal Suzy studiuosly avoids Those people, who are not like us [and do not like us!], as a Carrier signal alerts all to the harmonic rumblings emanating from the Boiler Room on a cold winters eve after scanning a starfinder.

available for purchase $6.99 USD here on our Xarrier Infrastarwerx Catalog or on AMAZON here>>>>

All rights reserved {1986 Carrier Communications} 2O12 X/\RR|3R |NFR/\ST/\RW3RX R3K0RD|NGZ

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