07.04.12 = XARRIER.com 2cd b*day & WEPT *Star Ball* LP 25th Amazon remaster!!!


>>>> Buy it on Amazon here>>> Welcome to our 2cd annual Xarrier Infrastarwerx Rekordingz celebration which coincides with the 25th Silver Aniversary remastered & re-released 3rd Jesvs WEPT  album Star Ball Contribution. Some post-punk record kollector/ Musicologists have determined this LP preceded what became the 'blueprint' (thanks > an ethereal, sepulchural woodblock print Lp~artwerk by band's drummer Krozz Warzaw?) for alternative music's volume dynamix & hi-energy yet solemn modality.

These shades of blues were neither just red & white {like a certain 1 trick late-model pony!} nor servient to an acrooss-the-pond set of rock influences. Rather instead their very own parameter of fin-whale blu wailing & sustaining guitar, supple yet muscular bass, tribal jasz drumbeats & spooky AM radio 'nightmare on yr street' 1st~gen Ensoniq Mirage 8-bit sampling. Did we mention a vocal style which was favorably compared to the Doors, Joy Division & Velvet Underground?

WEPT brought all that and more to the stage during regional area performances from Ft. Reno Park > d.c. space > including a 'farewell'  gig in front of a sold out crowd @ Rockitz opening for UK psych-noize legends PSYCHIC TV. Stay tuned to RADIO XARRIER for debut onstage WEPT when we release the 1st in a mini-series of concert, genuii~Re:hearsal & studio outake rarities.

Originally recorded & distributed on Carrier Communications Cassettes in 1987, now available on Amazon for discerning Weptianz {or those who may have once owned or lost a copy can now enjoy it again}. Star Ball Contribution  certainly was a step forward for WEPT when it was finished, with a more driving yet naunced & powerful sound. Among the 4 full length LPs WEPT recorded Star*Ball was considered then & now as a 'fan's faveorite'. This is not to say the upcoming remastered  4th-album EXIT is any lesser,  just that then~evolving musical themes became more intense and cerebral on WEPT's swan song. . .

Star Ball Contribution is an album Best for a roadtrip: from start to finish it rocks out, with a few interesting twists & turns within. As legend and true myth has it, the title was happened upon while crossing a paved area on {under?} foot where a discarded fireworks box by the same name was on the ground : right about when the mix was completed. Happy 25th Silver Anniversary to {87~'12} Star Ball Contribution. Cheers to the progression of X/\RRI3R   from an abstract blog on aesthetix to Xarrier Infrastarwerx Rekordingz  recently opened webstores for both WEPT & Jh0s+ on Amazon dot com. *Starspangled* salutes & hails! ! ! Postscript u.v the bridge: don't forget SERPENT EXILE's debut album's near completion: ENTER: Wake Vorticity due soon!

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