STATIK ‘III’: Platinum Anniversary Remaster on AMAZON now!

The archiving of the past continues in search of the imminent future::: Statik 3 is now available on Amazon.  The last of the Xarrier 4-track xassette recordings, the songs mark a bittersweet end u.v. an era. As summer turns > autumn, iridescent dragonfly vapor~trail's reflexionz in lunar inversion.

Before anyone ever thought of the term alt-country, before Oh Brother Where Art Thou?, before American Recordings series of Johnny Cash pared back-to-basics OG sound there was Statik III. A quiet yet intense beacon in the fog of pop leading folks back to the quality singer/artist songwriter ballad more in new light of Nick Drake's poignant mini~masterpieces {rather than James Taylor & Carly Simon's overproduced FM radio 70s drivel}. These are songs to roadtrip Joshua Tree by. . .on a moonlit mile with dead flowers.

Alas, Jhost wrote and recorded Statik III miraculously having never heard Don Juan's Reckless Daughter LP by Joni Mitchell. Her best effort with the fretless bass 'commentary' on lyrics ala Jaco Pastorious in JonI's case…of course Jhost played & recorded everything you hear alone~ as is & was the Statik 'tradition'. The only thing the Rosicrucian 'thought~belt' neglected to provide was Airto or Nana style percussion jamz. Hey, cut Jh0st some slack here people, he already fit a Country~ Jasz~ Rock manifest0 on to merely 4 trax! This involved a similar process as explained on notes & comments on Statik II for reference at yr listening or reading leisure world… In contrast to ease u.v. contemporary standard of digital editing, this was no small miracle!

The fact that an acoustik Gibxon 12~string small bodied, large headstock guitar used to cut the rhythm tracks internal~bracing literally collapsed shortly after the recording may be a blessing is disguise {so he did not make 100 songs like this}. The rarity is the prize, my friends. The character's narrative curve in these tunes are sometimes in flux or decline themselves.  So it is clairvoyantly appropriate entropy for all basic chords to have been jammed on a guitar that was quite literally giving it's last melodies to this world:::

Before passing on the next; then recycled into sawdust, dirt, trees and someday a future instrument. The music has a sly wisdom both in tonality & lyrical text which seems aware u.v. a 'bigger screening'. Inside + 0ut u.v. flashing sensations and emotive outpourings we all pass through in the Cinema u.v. Existential Existence, via these blue & green spherical influences. Listen + learn from his words, which certainly are a lyrical peak u.v. the Statik project thus far {as well as his vox performances}. Jh0st clearly found his 'vox humana' combining techniques u.v. Greg0r~|an chant w/ a fully realized lead~harmony style all his own.

Melancholy & mournful were oft Wept's stock & trade, whilst Statik often offered the moody & mystical variation on XARRIER music. Here the 2 twin~strains {who never mk Twain meets?} have married at a shotgun wedding on Premonitory Ridge! This is Trance~Sylvania ESP country rock that Gram Parsons {the OG bucolic bliss rocker} his '5-pointed leaf Nudie Suit' wearing self would endorse, and enjoy. Lots of folks bust out a 12 string or fretless or a couple saxophones (well not really) within a country rocker, including a modal jazz throwdown with ambient choir chants and soaring solos, right? Wrong. If you want to hear that monster~mash in a harvest season drinking White Lightning on a Blue Moon during Indian Summer this is your ticket to ride, kool~katz & bad~doggies! The summers gone, leaves are falling; Statik III's a wind before winter's 1st dawn. Being that it's 2012 and the official '20th anniversary Platinum Remaster' reissue, maybe this time it's Statik III: the gale before the endtimes cosmic typhoon?!?!!

Rural Charlottesville, VA (in direct juxtaposition to Wept's final days in post~industrial Richmond, VA), was the backdrop to this particular {exit}. The calligraphic strokes u.v. the music outline dual versions on the Virginian landscape::: one romantic & warm… the other gothic & forlorn! Whilst not 'telelogikal' verbatim as per the lyrics, it absolutely reflects a 'non~Devil's advocate' pro-conservationist aspect in it's very groundbreaking {for XARRIER} terra~firma, flora, & fauna awareness. Statik III is the sound of south~central & southwestern VA on an early fall morning. Statik III is the fog burning off u.v. the rolling foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains at first dawn. Statik III is the fish skimming for insects on the rippling surface of the New River. Statik III is the long shadows of brilliant trees, soon to be barren in a defiant last stand of redorangegold.

Many Statik fans have progressed with the project in an elliptical space time continuum, meaning as they went through differing stages of life each I/II/III  variation became the soundtrack to their privately tiered screening. While it's true that Statik I is the mission statement and Statik II the triumphant languid grooves, Statik III is in all ways the ultimate variation on the theme. This is low country music for the post-Weptian ascension; revelation u.v. prophecy. May it haunt your dreams for now. . .at least until the XARRIER~esque Exile finally is broken by the kiss of the 0phidian!

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