Tolkien geek contest: Art thou true Lord of the Rings lovers?


 Tolkien~Geek checklist: {gift thineself 20 'magic life-force points for each 'yes'
or 10 for maybes!} any score over 80 you are officially GEEKIN fo' TOLKIEN!
1. Renascence Fayres~ been there, done that…don't lie: ever? check.
2. Seen all three Lord of the Rings triliogy in theater plus have all 3 DVDs? check.
3. Played Dungeons & Dragons early 80s… even once or at least for a year? check.
4. Are you happy Ritchie Blackmore quit (Deep Purple, & Rainbow~ featuring Ronnie James Dio) rock to play 'kings~n~castles' type music under the project named 'Blackmore's Night'? check. [note: extra credit if you’ve seen them perform at a Renascence Fayre!]
5. Led Zep ~Do you love the album cover without words that has the four Rune symbols instead of bandmembers' names?  When you watch 'The Song Remains the Same' did you _not_ fast forward through offstage, playacted swords~n~sorcery 'medieval' scenes? check. If you can name every song Robert Plant makes Tolkein referneces extra credit! Feel free to add points for liking RUSH or other 70's prog~concept rockers who like to get all epic and 'Middle Earth' on us. In fact if you like Lemmy's pre-Motorhead gig Hawkwind, even better!


Here's a randomly generated theorey about the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogy fresh out of the batcomputer. Each type in Middle~Earth represented the nationalities of United Kingdom. Irish do share many things with Hobbits (gift of the gab, gossip, family feuds, tea, love of home). We readers, with our 3rd person perspective and 20/20 hindsight have intelligence yet also convergent, concurrent & inflated pride? We were described as Humans. Scotsman being mountainous bearded & gruff were the Dwarves. Welsh being even rougher {think Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead} & wilder were the bad-to-the-bone-as-a-biker Orcs. The ethereal Elves, being part deity & semi~immortal were a bridge to spirit worlds. The Britsh themselves were both the bad and good Wizards, having seen empires come and go brings that kind of wisdom…just ask J.R.R. Tolkien! Don't feel bad, if you got 100+ point's on quiz your kids will always have the best Halloween ever. Plus you can always read palms, be Town Crier or juggle flaming swords at a Renascence Fayre when between jobs!
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