Su|+anz u.v. {+} \/ortyx 1st xingle ‘Flames’ & ‘Song: Mirror #2’


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One decade and a half past, the Sultanz u.v. {+} V0rtyx gathered with hundreds of watts vintage valve amplification to summon the spirits of a trilllion light years away; home was now long gone. Far from lonely, these rollin' moss~less meteors streaming prismatic icy vapor trails? Across a cosmos in hyper~velocity parabolic genuflexi0nz u.v. total trinfinitii, Fr33d0m chanted feedback hymns 'Flames {Conflagration}' & 'Song: Mirror #2'.

sultanz uv the vortyx

Sultanz u.v. {+} Vortyx coming soon to a galaxy near you? 18 years ago from a star known as Eta Carinae, w/ a summed bolometric luminosity u.v. 5 million Suns! Eta Carinae is a "doomed star" due to it's extreme mass & it's stellar age; it's projected to reach a Hypernova destiny in space. . . Time: the near astronomical future ! ! !

Inside the Vortyx's anechoic chambers they realized silence was the deity thunder and infrasonix vibrationz permeated all cerebral cortexianz with zonik info~beatitudes. Viva la heavy space~bluez infernal doom. Anthems for clairvoyant extra~terrestrail oracles and disposessed cyborg frualeinz. Can ya dig it, baby?


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