XARRIER endorses all genius album artwerx variations!

serpent's cut 07

Blue Note: Reid Miles, ECM : Manfred Eicher, Virgin Records: Assorted Images, 4AD: 23 Envelope, Cream 'Disraeli Gears': Martin Sharp,  Dark Side of the Moon: Hipgnosis {aka Storm T, later helped by Peter C of Throbbing Gristle}, Joy Division : Unknown Pleasures/ Closer [Factory] : Peter Saville, Serpent's Exile : 'ENTER': 111 DES9Z. Xarrier Infrastarwerx Recordings, inspired by those labels {standing on the shoulders of Buddahs, so to speak!?} now aims to bring the integration of optical and auditory in our own manner.

Every influential record label & classic album have 1 thing in common: an epic (preferably in~house} sleeve designer. Xarrier has strived to do justice to this legacy with it's own in~house 111 DES9Z: first by digitally adapting OG Carrier Commvnikationz releases by  WEPT & Jh0st's STATIK [our reissue campaign 2011~ 2012]. More currently, Sultanz u.v. {+} Vortyx 'Flames' & Serpent's Exile ENTER [SuvtV xingle & SpXz EP respectively] in '13 shine on like ne0n black~light 70's heavymetal midd|Earth fantasy van mural artwerx?

Check the Xarrier Catalog for a full spectrum of 111 DES9Z tributes to the legends of rock~n~b0p visuals in our album artwerx. . . 


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