WEPT {2xLP} ‘Naked Hope’: 18 s0ngs live> stere0 Xm/\ss ’87

Wili SF 1007 141 

Hath thou heareth NAKED HOPE? Wept had promoted the Starball Contribution album with live concerts throughout 1987, and were developing [then] new songs which would become the EXIT Lp. These included several tunes which would not fit on the 46 minute cassette format for it's eventual summer 1988 release, including 'Exit Ramp' & '[Sardonik} Dizk0'. The former being an alt0 saxophone infra~urban iceage jazz poetix workout, the latter a self described send-up of dance~rock that somehow. . . With it's glassy eyed mystika| xynterludes {a.k.a. 'xykedelik interior'} WEPT simultaneously mocked yet also mastered melodic postpunk dance~rock. The other 16 songs spanned 3 albums: from Rudenotse Wake II's 'Autophel' & 'Quiet Room' through most of Wake III {Starball Contribution} + those "destined for EXIT" tunes which had already been written by December '87. The band was at this point living in 3 states, although since the bassist, drummer & guitarist were all within 1 hour they still were writing new jamz. The ability to cut the whole live set to tape w/0 edits or overdubs was the bands intentional approach. 

That's to say the songs were a melodic arrangment which required 5~way synchr0 performances, or they would not fly! Some called this 'ethereal', 'sp00ky', others called in heavenly in it's luminosity. It approached jazz in concept, though that term is not apt when a group rocks this hard. Howevz it could be said the swing time feel inferred by sticksman Kr0zz Worzaw presaged his later inhabitation of the Crescent City and it's second line marching band grooves. The influences of funk & metal are also shimmering throughout the songs. Whilst not overt in it's execution the music clearly orbits around a unique center while changing emper0rs c|0thes in a m0ck~funera| pr0cessi0n: Wake u.v 'Naked Hope' ?!? 

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