Jesvs WEPT enters Andrew WK’s ‘Best HS band’ SoundCloud contest

PaintingSoundCloudContest WEPT's 'Grabber' {listen free here} After several longterm friends of Jesvs WEPT mentioned it to the Xarrier Infrastarwerrx social media pages, our band~label has entered a contest. The theme is "Greatest High School band Ever" and having recorded & released 3 of our 4 full length albums before graduat!ng our public educati0n, we feel we may qualify! Checkout the song 'Grabber' from 1987's Star Ball Contribution LP with the classic late-era WEPT lineup. We chose a rare-for-us ballad/lovesong with minimal dynamics on purpose; having pioneered the quiet~ medium ~ LOUD on the verse~ bridge~ CHORUS vibe all the way back in 1986. . .

If you want to hear 2 live versions of 'Grabber' {w/ modified chord voicing & arrangements} click the link for 18~song Naked Hope LP scroll down to song #17 for the ultimate quiet~stormy~weather jazz version. . .

On our album Rudenotse Wake 2 five years before the big~namebrand band exposed the sound to the world in a song named after de0derant! Now 'we' sound like 'them'? WEPT doubts that!!! Smells like a ripoff to you too!?! Go figure, maybe their drummer who opened for us once while sitting in with his friend's band heard the sound of cash~registers in our differing density of sound throughout each song? The rest {when opportunity came screamin'} was of course history, of which we were not even a footnote, ahaha! Till now… let's see what the rock~n~roll animal party czar himself Andrew WK thinks. . .Shoutout to drummer & artist extraordinaire Chris Wassell for his limited edition 1st pressing "Dark overlords in cathedral holding scepters" Original album art, copyright Xarrier Infrastarwerx 1987~2013.wept starball cover

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