X/\RRI3R 3rd anniversary of Total Freedom {July 4th, 2013}!

serpentsexile On July 4th, 2010 X/\RRI3R INFR/\ST/\RW3RX R3CORDINGS arose from WEPT's 'Star~Ball Contribution' of  (album originally named after a discarded fireworks box) CARRIER COMMUNICATIONS CASSETTES  (yes, when our webpage header/logo says we started as a tape label that's true). Having since: 1/ reissued & remastered  the majority of  original releases 2/ expanded the label's website~blog into a social media platforms Facebook & Twitter 3/ upgraded the initial Paypal catalog page to some releases being available on Amazon (all), CD baby & iTunes. The more subtle integration of these various avenues of loudly speaking our musical adventures such as the Facebook image thumbnails on the left column of our webpage, as well as the main blog to right and Twitter feed above has fulfilled our initial vision the XARRI3R would be the 'Mothra~ship' connection between the old & new, content and relay, art & commerce.  This chiaroscuro shadowplay between Bird's bebop & Sab's doom is how we roll… The 'aesthetiX' of the iceage in a thawing infrastructure of infinity & oblivion?thinline tele 72

Paraphrasing the epic sci~fi classic Blade Runner's CEO of the Replicant manufacturing Tyrell Corporation's moto "More doom then doom union!" at least as far as flagship band Serpent's Exile goes. Would you just look at the epic black light poster/ wizard 70's custom van mural album art to catch the vibration of pre~post Armageddon fin~de~siecle rock~n~roll epiphany? Or as Blade Runner's arch~villain Roy Batty might put it " THAT'S THE SPIRIT !!! " . . . From the avant rumblings of WEPT's Wake I to the pr0gressive hard rock with a thrash metal edge in SERPENT'S EXILE to the infinite void space rock/ desert doom of SULTANZ U*V* {+} V0RTYX , our label is in 2013 expanding to span all genres within the darkness of a post punk/ goth/ rock/ metal/ Harmolodic contingency non=plan. In any case, X/\RRI3R wishes all of our listeners , readers, and viewers best wishes on this 4th of july, Independence from the music industry since 1986 deserves a cookout and a good lightshow. . . Keep posted for new releases by S+/\+!K, WEPT, S*U*V*T*V*, Serpent's Exile's upcoming east coast fall live dates and a new emphasis on avant science fiction~horror vacui soundtrack music which we will film our own videos on X/\RR!3R's imminent YouTube channel. . .DSCN0015



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