Zultanz u.v. {+} Vortyx presents: Thee L()~()KING GLASSES, North Pole

Imagine original island Dub stylee production over cyberpunk via spacerock and avant garde elect0-tech/tonic industrial improvisation = Zu|+/\nz u.v.{+} V0r+3>< presents Th33 L00K!NG GL/\SS3S [N0rth P0|e]. A long time ago in a warehouse far away, Zultan Vorticez & Nomad Dr0ne convened to rewrite the unholy book of sonic life. This very unprofitable yet aesthetically groundbreaking musical evolution was the only ill-logical sequel to the interstellar 'bad-trip' that was Sultans of the Vortex {1995~1998}. Su.v.t.V did perform once, @ Tokoyo Rose in Charlottesville in 1997. Looking Glasses, N.P however entirely focused on outdoing the previous performance at Nowh3r3 Studi0, where they regularly sessioned for the better part of 3 years. In fact the sonic detritus left on their wake was later taken over by the instru~metalist friend of band +Penland of Loincloth. Before such metal gods took over, for the better part of 3 years Thee Looking Glasses honed their trance-sonic spacecraft of tones & taped compositions, relentlessly refining their instrument setups & production techniques. The goal was to create organized yet spontaneous structured songs fully mixed requiring zero postproduction and overdubs. The 51"37' duration available here is merely one evening of such work ,which typically took between 5 to 8 hours to produce. Sounds were developed on the spot, riffs built around them and beats to match. The final offerings included Zultan V0ticez pre-dubbed live percussion amplified just like the efx space infinity guitar as played by N0mad Dr0ne. A world debut at the millennial SXSW rock festival was never booked, and would have included a Roland GR~707 guitar~synthesizer to take the entire levitating 0rchestri0n to another dimension. Howevz, this souther-than-heaven roadtrip was prevented by a lack of label support and band's non-existent budget constraint. Instead of succumbing to the starving artist pressures, thee L0~0king Glasses NP collaboration on a fully illustrated comic book which was intoned to go with a multi volume box set of the official recorded legacy. The comic book was completed, and now in the 21st Century schizoid schism slowly the master tapes are being dusted off for the avnat punk community and Halloween nachtmare spooky seasonal haunted house in yr brain. Listen loud, think deep of the mystery that was LG/NP and fathom the depths of the oceans and the edges of our solar system. A sonic holography that took off from where the Vortex even ends/ / / https://soundcloud.com/soundmagick/thee-looking-glasses-np

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