All 6 Jesvs WEPT LP’s & EPs on BANDCAMP catalog w/ HiFi preview/downloads

IMGP3025That’s right, folks, all available-to-date XARRIER INFRASTARWERX Recordings now on BANDCAMP featuring upgraded HiFI audio player, free full previews, and download option on Mac, FLAC, & Android/ PC formats in “beyond mp3” quality sonics. Contact XARRIER on our webpage about special holiday discounts for those who choose to purchase the entire digitized remastered discography of this label’s flagship 0.G. POSTPUNK innovators of deathRock/jazz ethereal~go+h *ambient* postpunk- garage_psych genres!  Click here for whole catalog! wept 6wept2wept4wept1

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David Murray

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4 hours ago

Richmond Wildlife Center

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JXL Studio

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X/\rr13r 1nfr/\st/\rw3rx R3c0rd1ngs

/// M*8 ///

3 days ago

X/\rr13r 1nfr/\st/\rw3rx R3c0rd1ngs's cover photo

Christopher Wassell w/ Christopher Wassell: Art

3 days ago


~ K E I T H ^ [o n] ^ I|I| ~ what Keith Morris said Re: Black I|I| Flag

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