DIMESLAND’s Trophy Wives Under the Influence of Metal

Friends of XARRIER to perform at Oakland Metro Operahouse 16.11.13 w/ MELT BANNANA

DIMESLAND with their twin guitar harmonic history of ionosphere cast the superstratos into hyperdrive. Absorb the osmosis, raise the golden dawn and 3rd partial’s eye-in-the-sky spiraling tunnel visions. Fly the good ship ‘V’ into parallel paralegal paramour proselytizing the paramount prescience of pre-science. Reinvent the electric guitar pardigram in power trip hallucinations of grand doors opening into the infinite. What would William Blake do?

Cleanse the windows of perception for feedback’s sake. Cold or warm, the sake toast to these jams could only be cheers for fallne angels of the lower angles realm. Get your angular boogie shoes on and levitate forever and a day into the promised lands of the invisble hands lack of demand.

DIMESLAND warp the space time fabrics of heavy metal Into new & hyper-detailed forms
Riff farming Amazon rainforest and Death Valley’s desert’s hottest day on record. You know you want to be at the Twilight Zone party where they are playing in continuous tinnitus inducing volumes on endless loops… You know the one? Under a devil’s doze, Sun!

Where & when ‘Trophy Wives Under the Influence’ of progressive technical heavy metal Steroidus maximus shocks the botox~boxset into salutations & apoplectic apocrapha Listen as they ascend no~hairway to heckle free epiphany, bang yr robot head man!

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