Listen & weep to WEPT! 10 new songs on 2 EP’s: _’93:’05_ & ‘Winter Solstice’

HiFi Bandcamp free full previews or multiformat option download on BANDCAMPcatalog WEPT. Superior audio digital remastered 2012/2013. Listen to the full session from Winter 1988 that hears WEPT going down uncharted terrain, using drum loops, feedback, effected vocals and a musical chairs approach to who plays what instrument. From a tripped0ut laidback dub~groove downtempo chill/avant vibe to hyperkinetic volttvox urban cha0s|00ps embedded song structures familiar to fans of band’s flair for melodic invention.IMGP3338

As goes the title, the ’93 sides of the Ep were recorded in a topline Gotham studio for free as a favor to band’s benefactor, ‘Big Bro’ producer/ engineer. Xopher was in town from the coast to sing. After a few days couch/floor surfing and training around in search of a analog synth to no avail, only micstands (take notes younger bands, you must Bring Your Own Micstands)! The first tune ‘Glass Insulator’ was written by bassist Vorticite for his other “desert deathrock” group the year before in ’92, A Picture of Madagascar. The drummer came up for the session when the drummer scheduled had to bail for another band’s tour. ‘Ikon’ was off EXIT Wake IV WEPT Lp…

The ’05 section of the Ep was recorded in Kimchee Studio in Boston live to hard-drive w/ a generic redsparkle drumset we bought @ Daddy’s Music Junky that day. Jh0st played guitar live and Vorticite then switched from drums to fretless bass thru the ‘suicide mod’ (aka master volume/presence boost on back panel) Fender Bassman amps last session. It had done double duty as 1/2 Jh0st’s stereo guitar rig in WEPT and session bassamp in Statik. We nailed an ins8n version of ‘Telekaster‘ which the so-called ‘Ghost of WEPTmass Past’ chose to delete form the computer, then had to build that same energy back up for the final take. Also checkout the spooky intro deathrock~jazz epic dub {sans vox} of ‘Deforest‘. IMGP3413


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