LOOKING GLASSES {North Pole}: _Zultanz_Theme_Song_ {L>G>N>P> Got Blackholes? ’13:M|X}


Thee riff to end all riffs. The alpha & omega of spacefuzzwahwah doom. Written instantly in 1994 during Madagascar ptII. Worked over like a superheavyweight versus Godzilla & Mothra (Blue Oyster Cult reference intended) by Zultanz u.v. {+} V0rtyx for years. Malleable molten magma from the cauldron of Suar0n then was duly handed over to the Looking Glasses[NP] string activator. He deep froze the jam into absolute Kelvin near total standstill u.v. thyme. If you weren’t there you really were. In fact you were the only one that heard it. Until now, you hear it again. Deja V.U.? The planet fell in the solar system and no one in the constellation told the galaxy? Terrible thing to live in fear isn’t it said Roy Batty to Rick Deckard. Check the sounds here

IMGP3046In space everyone can hear this bass & guitar scream. Too bad you earthlings have been so unwise as to wait a dozen years. Yet ye are the chosen 1:11s’ to carry the ultimate incarnation of  abstraction in infrastructural prescience aka ‘Zultans anTh3m3 Song’. Checkout Nomad’s ruthless Kahler whammy teched out ministrations and tribulations of tear trails into the bliss furnace aka Peavey 160 watt Electro Voice ultravolume. Hear Zultan V|X rock the Down Machine to the edge u.v. the event horizon …and beyond. Above it all, the Peregrine Falcon of InfraEarth skydives into empty wells to another nowhere. Ride the blank train to the end of the bullseye. Ophidian’s opossum = Ophelia ouroboros . Got blackholes? IMGP3190

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