Save the GREY WOLVES: Relist Endangered Species Protection Now END WOLF HUNTS

serpent's cut 03Grey Wolves are a keystone species. Science is are that they are essential to a healthy ecosystem in North America. The taxdollars invested in their reintroduction from near extinction in the early 20th century were well spent, it was a program of species management which was a success story. It is entirely reactionary & counterproductive  to quickly reverse course and have open season on the Wolves before they even fully recover in the states where the hunting is sanctioned. The politically driven impetus for the hunts is being stronghanded by special interest groups in MI MN WY ID  MT who financially benefit from the hunts, [cont.]serpent's exile xarriari

such as the NR/\, who of course endorse the firearm manufacturers in turn. Why let special interest group trump the anti-Wolfhunt public opinion & votes? When will the constitutional right to enjoy our inherent Natural ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ be enforced by legislation instead of protecting animal hating fringe groups?no more heroes rip

The ranchers also are aware of non-lethal wolf deterrents such as bright colored fence markers and audio playback of howls to define territory. However they actually get paid per animal in a subsidy, so whether they ‘harvest’ (a euphemism for slaughter) a wolf its a win/win for them not wildlife. Hunters go way over the line, trapping wolves then sic’ing their dogs on them, gassing pups in their dens, shooting pregnant wolf females, and targeting known collared research wolves from Yellowstone Park. Fear mongering old myths that wolves are after humans is just a method to force the wolf haters agenda of canine genocide. Wolves are integral to USA’s Nature, literally. ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT protection, RELIST WOLVES NOW!

Relist the Grey Wolf to it’s rightful place on the federal Endangered Species Act protection, ban state sponsored wolf hunting and allow animal scientist specialists to determine correct numbers for species management not some “good ol’ boys” panel handpicked by the local hunting club. Relist ESA protection & NATIONAL BAN: ALL WOLF HUNTS!Serpent's Exile - Enter Wake (V)orticiti

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