Thurston Moore’s {SONIC YOUTH} Chelsea Light Moving @ 0tt0bar 13.11.13 Baltomorrow, MD/USA

“He walked into the woods with the animals…he didn’t look back…at all” ~ ‘In the Kingdom #19’/ SST~059/ Sonic Youth : EVOL [LP]2013-11-13 23.34.54

Thurston was in town at the Ottobar for his 2cd gig (and incidentally final show of this series) there that tour and they were D.T.K.L.A.M.F! We used to checkout 2 or 3 gigs PER TOUR during the Evol & Sister & Daydream Nation tours backintheday…when Sonic Youth played to enthused/sold-out crowds they rewarded us with a encore engagement. They were on such a creative roll back then the songs would have metamorphosing between Texas, CA & CN into different better arrangements. I imagine, although this was my 1st CLM gig, they’re on the same road-dog warpath trail of artistic trial by the genius phyre..

Disclaimer: Chelsea Light Moving is an entirely new groups not a SY cover act or nostalgia trip; they have their own twist on the Wall of Sound. I used SY song titles and album name drops as a way to communicate these yet to be recorded songs vibrational historical context.

0 (5)0 (6)Intellectual references abounded, like taking a music stand with a reading from 16th century poet John Donne as lyrics for a song, a tribute to psych rock pioneers 13th Floor Elevator’s Roky Erikson, a Burroughs song title etc. The set started on a few tough gnarls of dirty powerpop similar to mid 90’s SY then bridged into ‘more noisy/ less rock’ rockers similar to the Dirty/Goo early 90s sound. And w/o ever covering a single Sonic Youth riff, they next got into the stereo sanctity of their brilliant triptych Bad Moon Rising/ Evol/ Sister sounds. Think tunes along the lines of ‘Tom Violence’, “Ghost Bitch’ or ‘Expresssway to Yr Skull’. Morphing in and out of song structure & pipeline killtime L.E.S NoWave skronk fluidly.

The set ended with a return to primal ‘Confusion Is Sex’/ Kill Yr Idols “white columns noise festival 1981” filthy grunge~tastic string breaking feedback drenched Fender silverface 6L6 vacuum tubes flickering at the edge of autodestruct high volume skull splitting ultrametal wipeout. ‘Walls Have Ears’ indeed! Sonic death is Sonic Life! Thurston and the guitarist from Sunburned Hand of the Man made Lou Reed’s ‘Sister Ray~ White Light/ White Heat’ legacy ‘Justice is Mighty’ proud!

The whole band wore striped shirts like a weird amalgamation of the Brady Bunch and Addams Family w/ ‘No |||| Values’! Thurston Moore shredded the living fuck out of his signature model olive green~stained Fender Jazzmaster, like an epileptic remix of a Hendrixs0l0 in hell. He would slide screaming for vengeance notes from nut to bridge while wranglin’ the wangbar till the axe shouted bloody murder. And that was all in the intro to every song! You should have heard the outros! Massive tsunamis of screaming sonic love with an Ophelia’s kiss of dissonant zenith.0 (7)

“Hey man you shouldn’t do that! Don’t you know what Sister Ray says?” ~’Sister Ray’/ Lou Reed [btw CLM did not cover VU…just a vibe]

Chelsea Light Moving was a moving company minimalist composer Phillip Glass ran decades ago. Each word in the name is a double entendre : Chelsea: a neighborhood in downtown Manhattan as well as the name of the legendary hotels name where every artist/poet/musician for generations lived at one point or another {Hotel Chelsea}. Light: as in relative mass or the luminosity of a given environment. Moving as into transport an object from one place to 2013-11-13 23.30.24another or as in anything in motion. Thurston Moore’s & Kim Gordon’s semi~non acrimonious split aka divorce redefined Sonic Youth’s dissolution into 3 separate entities: CLM, ‘Lee Renaldo & the Dust’, & Kim’s duo project ‘Body/Head’. Fan’s do anticipate a possible potential reunion at least musically speaking which would bound to be a sonic fireworks display par excellence.0 (4)

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