WEPT Starball Contribution & EXIT HiFi remasters {Bandcamp}

Jesvs WEPT‘s 3rd & 4th (some say final) album ‘[EXIT]’ & ‘Starball Contribution’  have been remastered and uploaded with FULL FREE audio previews of all songs. Also available for downloadable purchase in any android/PC, Flac or Mac HIFI wavefiles. Checkout the new XARRIER INFRASTARWERX RECORDINGS pages on Bandcamp, also including the SERPENT’S EXILE xingle ‘Wolftriniti’ & ENTER 6~song Ep.IMGP2994

As for the WEPT recordings, the remaster has brought out all the detail from the original multitracks never actually heard in a quarter century, since the original CARRIER COMMUNICATIONS cassette’s had limited fidelity. LoFi before our time? Only due to a “no-budget” record label we ran! At last hear the best full studio works by WEPT the way this band intended. Keep posted for more uploads including EP’s ‘Winter Solstice’ & ’93/’05.

More rare live and unreleased songs await in the XARRIER tape vaults for the holiday season and 2014 looks like it will be our biggest new release and digital remastered classic year yet… Including a boss0~n0va Ep from JH0ST, a full length Zultanz u.v. the Vortex album supported by new lineup & live shows, and the unknown: will SERPENT’S EXILE or WEPT be the first band to claim title to XARRIER’s series of ‘Wake’ albums? Who will record the epic WAKE VI? Stay tuned…

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