Dec. 17, 2013: Fate of Grey Wolves is In Our Hands {XARRIER special 100th blogpost}

serpent's exile xarriariGrey Wolves are scheduled to be DELISTED from needed , deserved and crucial ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT protection. Here is why that is wrongful in it’s essence. Of course both the Mexican and Gray Wolf deserve Endangered Species protection. The taxpayer funded successful reintroduction of Wolves to North American states where they had gone extinct through ruthless and senseless species genocide is at risk. Political impetus and special interest group pressure from firearm manufacturers via the NRA is NOT science based ecology or wildlife management. Wolves are a keystone species and apex predator. As such, anyone with a basic understanding of how an ecosystem works will realize that every part of that ecosystem including the predator is integral to the whole’s healthy well being.

Overgrazing leads to drought which during natural forest fire season creates a much worse impact for what should be it’s own natural management. Ranchers also want the wolves gone so they can put cattle on that land; another bad idea as again the cattle drain the land of it’s foliage and thus ruin it. Leave the cattle on the ranchers already significant landholdings. Hunters have dozens of game animals they actually can eat, there is zero reason to hunt wolves who pose no threat to humans. Nature already ‘managed’ it’s own ecosystems for millenniums, and the last people who should decide how many of a certain endangered species should be allowed are hunters and ranchers. Both of whom have a vested and specialist interest, which they seek to browbeat the majority of the population into IMGP0790agreeing with their ultimately selfish perspective and goals. In contrast Native Americans respected these K9 masters of survival & bravery.

The nations wildlife is a massive resource for tourism and other peaceful profitable means of animal conservation. To allow ‘fringe extremist’ (who “non-ironically” call the very animal advocates the same phrase) hunters & ranchers to determine the fate of a species is absolutely inane, insidious, reactionary.  It’s also completely intolerable and unacceptable to the majority of Americans (who openly state when polled) they want the Grey, Red and Mexican Wolf varieties protected under the Endangered Species Protection act. SIGN PETITIONS    CALL YOUR LEGISLATOR     PROMOTE WILDLIFE CONSERVATION ON SOCIAL MEDIA       JOIN LEGITIMATE ANIMAL WELFARE ORGANIZATIONS      AWARENESS IS PARAMOUNT      SPEAK FOR THE VOICELESS IT IS OUR ROLE

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