Quotes from composer Zbigniew Karkowski {Rock in Pax}

neu amerikan gothik I don’t believe in thought and intellect, I’m convinced that truth cannot be explained in ordinary logical systems. In fact I see intellect as a barrier preventing us from realizing the true values in our lives, I see it as an inhuman faculty. The real art communicates before it is understood, it contains the knowledge that all men once had, a knowledge that today is unfortunately often ignored and forgotten.”shroud u.v. gyrex

1377546826777” I believe that our life is magical in it’s essence. The working of magic is a series of actions bringing intention into focus. It’s a conscious and active participation in transformation between cause and effect. We know that everything we’ve ever done and do is intentional and every intentional act is a Magical act. Not understanding it means human life as a journey from nowhere to nowhere. It is evident that at the core of all the problems of modern man lies his lack of moral purpose and spiritual development.”

 1377546826777“…Today man is just a member of society with a duty to everybody else. I see history as a steady devaluation of the human bei2013-08-19 10.33.21ng. Modern man has lost his destiny, purpose, and power, for ultimately all real power is the spiritual power.”

“Our mistake is that we lay too much emphasis on the intellect and rationality… I think that the prevalence of the ideas of strain and suffering and all of the negative messages incoming from the arts…is only a game in the exploitation of neuroses and paranoid states that were created and introduced [by people] in the first place.”

The truly evolutionary art must be concerned more with living than creating…The despair of our culture . . . can only be defeated by acts of total honesty & glassfaith in the true condition of all men:  perfection” 


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