WINTER SOLSTICE 5~song Ep by WEPT on Bandcamp & XARRIER

On the Winter Solstice of 1987~1988, WEPT had a few weeks between school and that was a rare occasion where all were not working wherever else. This afforded at least 1 though more probably a few sessions at the Turquoise Room studio to work out whatever ideas were brewing. These were not stillborn yet somehow never finished tangents. While the songs themselves are very complete, the Sci~Fi vibe of this EP  was never realized as a full album or live show. Some of the songs would end up in some other mix on Xopher’s solo album PRIMER or NUMBER.

In separate reverse anagrams, in the WINTER SOLSTICE of 1988 WEPT reformed after the after-math.  It was as if the magnetic distance had created a Vulcan mind transfer, to each his own, but his own was the others? Vorticite vocalized Spockular & played bass like a funked~up jh0st, Xopher played guitar in an ‘sordid elemental’ time signature, Jh0st played bass in some other time but mirroring vorticite’s bass vibes – all of it hearkening back to proto-Wept, pre-Starball Contribution , even though EXIT Lp was on the horizon.

Beats programming was brought to the table by x0pher with his newly acquired Roland TR-707, which he had procured from jh0st. References to air weight after hearing the beginnings of s+/\+k 01 led to a heated debate on the song title which led to the cathartic aftermath of v0rticite’s post “spookin’ cookin” weight and volume rant. All in good tea in the Turquoise Room, poised before the ‘icep|0itaion’ of the summer of EXIT. Hear the remastered 5 song Ep WINTER SOLSTICE now on Hi~Fi full free previews here or BANDCAMP with FLAC/ PC/ Mac download options…amazon-cover-solstice


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