XARRIER in the news~ W B Vorticez performing w/ Nakatani Gong Orchestra, WEPT: top 100 albums alltime, Xopher’s PR0CESS0R: top 14 of 2013

Xarrier Infrastarwerx Recording artist W B Vorticez performing w/ Nakatani Gong Orchestra in Brooklyn the weekend of Chinese New Years January 30 & 31, 2014. 1557603_638867142841643_214294127_n (2)

“psychoacoustic techniques of Xopher Davidson & Zbigniew Karkowski’s PROCESSOR have triggered the sort of rare sensations we {14 Tracks dotcom} return to over and again…”512ll8y-bnL


Erratic Phenomena included WEPT’s Starball Contribution LP {listed right under Joy Divsion’s CLOSER!} in her top 100 alltime albums on her 26.10.08 writeup “100 Albums That Changed My World”. Pointed out to us by fellow LA denizen & Xarrier ‘satellite’ Anu Kirk who also helped kick start (though not Kickstarter!) the eventual search & remastering for the EXIT Lp master tapes by sending each member of WEPT a cd copied from his tape, none of whom even had cassette original pressing by that point. . .wept-starball-cover

Krozz Warzaw drummer of WEPT {who also did the Starball Contribution album cover for Carrier Commvincationz Cassette’s limited edition woodblock print on original pressing} showing a few of his ’09~’13 paintings @ JXL Studio at the ‘Bread & Salt’ artists complex in San Diego, CA. . . Look in 2014 for Xarrier EXHIBIT VORTEX digital gallery featuring his art including an interview with the artist reviewing his latest themes, processes & techniques. 1474573_702384623113805_1566488301_n (3)

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