XARRIER soars forward! ‘XarriViewz’: Band~artist writeups, ‘VortExhibition’ digital Art Gallerys ~ ‘XarriCaster’ Podcast

1377546717280 1375974018218 1376942977802 2013-08-24 20.02.432014 XARRIER Infrastarwerx {now inclusive of Bandcamp/ Soundcloud, Facebook/Twitter, Google+}  will feature a new monthly Xarrier dotcom blog writeup. BAND & ARTIST INTERVIEWS featuring composer IRevererend Brainskan XIII, Xarrier Infrastarwerx recording artist jh0st on his upcoming bossa~nova project, Xarrier’s flagship pro~wildlife conservationist EcoCore progressive metalists Serpent’s Exile on their in-the-werx 6 song Ep: HADES’ Trophic Cascades’ {Wake VII}, reunited original trio of JESVS WEPT MMXIV on their new album  ‘Exorcism Epiphany: Wake VI’, Xopher Davidson on his collaboration w/ Zbigniew Karkowski {Rock in Pax} and his reissuing his Asphodel/ anti~matter solo albums on Xarrier Infrastarwerx Recordings in 2014 including seminal works like Climatron Ge||0sphere Groove and the REFLECTOR ~ PRIMER ~ NUMBER tape trilogy. DISCLAIMER: none of the bands or artists mentioned next have been confirmed {or in some cases related to}  A dream~wishlist of XARRIVIEWZ  ‘Raw Power ~ New Values’ Stooges & solo Iggy guitarist/ co-producer James R. Williamson & OG west coast punk icon vocalist Keith Morris (Black |||| Flag/ OFF!}. Any remaining members of Sun Ra Arkestra or MC5 would be the pinnacle of the series. A podcast featuring the monumental Enpsych|0pedia Vorticiti! vinyl collection including artists such as Deep Purple, Cream, Black Sabbath, Mahogany Rush, Stooges, Sun Ra, Ornette Coleman, and original Xarrier music from Serpent’s Exile, Sultans of the Vortex, Looking Glasses N.P., 45/102, a Picture of Madagascar, Siddal, Where 75, Dynamic Truths, Torn & Frayed, Warloch of Hydr0Medusa, the Wili Vorticez Double Quartet, as well as other new Xarrier rarities, live & out~takes…

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