It Need’s To Be Darker in Here: JESVS WEPT’s big beat!

10411778_10152490856253668_7562048871320694927_n (2)~ J E S V S ^ W E P T ~

The true testimonial of the DC/RVA based postpunk band as told by Vile Vortices, bassist {turned drummer out of nessecity when XYZ don’t show up} now guitarist, or all of the above. . . At least it’s a version of the truth? Only the songs themselves tell the story right. These are footnotes to ex-guitarist (often engineer/producer, in earliest lineups on keys & sax) jh0st’s original funky drummer writeup on his jh0st~blog ‘Drummers That WEPT’.

Notes for historical correctness: Dare Zero may have only played violin on ‘Those People’. As it is unlikely that in the complete darkness the song was recorded in, he managed to switch between {or simultaneously play at times?} both drumset & violin. Howevz he did definitely add minimal live snare to the otherwise drum machine driven Flipperesque-basslined ‘Hang Ten’ also on Wept’s Wake I.

Rudenotse went from never having played music with others to kickstarting Jesus Wept into a loud & entertaining live act. His beats were often the most original of any future drummer we had. Howevz he ventured to Montana, worked on a ranch, blinded himself w/ a welder, had to sit in a darkened barn for a full day & night to recover sight, then freight~train hopped the entire US of A. When he returned he played harmolodic chaos drums! From his perceived Calculus to our actual 8 bit binary to his Tolkien over our Dr. Seuss, he became impractical to gig or record with; as at that time the Cray supercomputer was booked months in advance for him to re-navigate our deathrock into inverted Gamelon.

Jason Reese played the songs ‘Telecaster’ & ‘Autophel’ at the high school talent show after only a few rehearsals he knew our set and was all of 14 years old at that time! He was the drummer10710556_10152490856013668_1736738488027487937_n (2) Vile Vortices wrote the song ‘Indian’ with in (theme here?) his dad’s barn on a huge candy-apple-red Yamaha double kick metal-style drumset. V/V also rocked a Yamaha VX-55 bassamp. We called JR ‘Dok’ short for Dokken which was 1 f the many mtal t-shirts he exclusively wore to the artclass we shared with him. . He never really felt the whole postpunk new wave thing being a dedicated headbanger.

Krozz Worzaw indeed played in Japanese punk groups first, later in hardcore band Disarm out of VA Beach at around only fifteen. The next year he showed up wearing a Venom jacket and was the best street skater around our way, so of course we drafted him for Wept. With us all being skaters & at least Vortices being into Slayer & Celtic Frost (who VV heard from another skater Tyson, also lots more shred from Doc who was his ‘metal guru’) it was a no-brainer: Krozz had raw unrefined talent in art, skating & drums. And the chicks dug him! Which was a decent secondary reason to bring him aboard the SS Wept. A ladies man is always a bonus when no one cared about anyone in your band till we started playing loud & original songs! At least with if not ahead of the times was Jesvs WEPT.


Our humble Roland TR-707 was nearly always programmed (and initially owned by  though later Baby On board singer Pete would borrow it when he and V/V were jamming thinking of starting a post-Wept deathrock band, then Vile recorded the initial version of Glass Insulator and Xhaman with the Tr-707. Finally Xopher bought it from jh0st and recorded his REFLECTOR/ PRIMER/ NUMBER trilogy using it) and owned by Jhost except for some of tunes on Winter Solstice which arose out of the obtuse & angular patterns written by Xopher. Writing basslines to his loops was a challenge, which is why everyone took a turn on the bass on the Winter Solstice EP. The early live Wept basement or pool party live sets were done using only the drum machine before we met Rudy and wrote the Wake II.

Jhost did10644916_10152526832192762_6256359523676153424_n the grooves for Hang Ten, Boiler Room, ROTC, Pink Flower and Urban Psychosis on Wept eponyms debut Wake I.

M2 was in Kentucky playing with the s|0core shoegaze post~rockers known as Rodan {later morphed into June of 44} for their upcoming Euro tour as the support act for Mazzy Star rehearsing as their new drummer in Louisville KY when he got homesick for the capitol of the confederacy aka RVA. No sooner then a day or two after he got home to see his girlfriend {as well as his cat Mr. Squeak} Vile rang him to “hightail it to Gotham to drum” on the ’93 Wept session. He learned ‘Visionary’ & ‘Icon’ . Once the funky drummer was tight as Jabo & Clyde, Vile next taught Jhost his tune ‘Glass Insulator’ for which jh0st wrote his own guitar part. It was a song A Picture of Madagascar did, a band which M2 also drummed in. Xopher sat on the fire escape w/ Vile they drank a few Guinness bumpers as X came up with the lyrics which he would track the next day. Special thanks to Purple I.V. Shadows for putting us up… and putting up with the full band learning the A picture u.v.Madagascar tune while rehearsing the set.

As for the most ‘recent’ (if you call a decade that?) Jesvs Wept recordings? Vile Vortices was in Bosstown to see the epic 227427_1068894729489_9680_nedition of SMILE as performed live by Brian Wilson and much of the legendary LA studio aces the Wrecking Crew (as in they wrecked some tape making hit after hit in the 1960’s!). After getting a few brews w/ Eric Carlson aka Area C at the Mideast rockclub, which was incidentally a few blocks from Valentine House and Kimchee Studio where we would track the session next door. The reductionist duo of Wept reconvened to throw down on a purchased that day generic red sparkle drumset from Daddy’s Music Junkie across the street from Newbury Comics. Yes that session is righteous because what you hear is what we played live and the only overdub was Vile’s bass {borrowing Jhost’s defretted axe thru a modified silverface Bassman amp}. Not bad for a dozen years off since a last recording of ‘Ikon’ which was also done originally ’88 on the EXIT Lp & ’93 on the (yes how Spinal Tap again to name so obvious} ’93:’O5 Ep.


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