L0GRYPH0NIK P0L/\V0RTYX: the etymology of Looking Glasses {North Pole} meets Zultanz u.v. thee Vortyx


It was, and is, time to create new music from a new sonic and conceptual perspective. Not 2 or 3 point perspective: we want fisheye wide angle 0ct0ph0nix. Our previous collaboration was known by the music moniker Looking Glasses {North Pole). Since there was a 70’s pop band who sang ‘Brandy’ we added the ‘es’ to Glass. Duane and Greg Allman also had a late 60’s pre-ABB band the Hour Glass. A relative within the band organization w/ initial L.o.G. suggested the suffix ‘North Pole’ and it stuck…like ice! So we were officially Thee Looking Glasses {North Pole}. My previous group Sultans u.v. thee Vortyx had to be referenced in the new bandname as well… As for the first (albeit also invented) word in  our new name, LOGRYPHONIK has 3 references: initially the first 3 letters in ophidian manner  refer to the band’s spouse who benighted us as icy cool as the North Pole. Incidentally S*u*v*t*V* actually discovered and recorded/ rehearsed in the Unlimited Edition warehouse where that very band would later also practice for their world tours and major label recordings! As for logogriphs, they are a word puzzle of component letters often involving an anagram or wordplay involving addition, subtraction or substitution of letters. Think of how Bilbo successfully riddles Gollum for his freedom (and of even more paramount paranoid pinnacle of prescience, the 1 Ring to Rule them All!) and you’ll get the idea. A gryphon of course is a mythological beast with an eagle’s head and horses body.The adverb form of ‘logogriph’ is logogriphik which as a bonus expounds exponentially as the fractal ‘logarithmic’. Thus we ascertain the destiny Coltrane of steaming absolute zeros to be known as L0GRYPH0NIK P0L/\V0RTYX. Who can forget the polar vortex with winters like this?20140525_013751

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