’93 = ’05 = 2015? Xryzt WEPT’s ‘Ikon’: An Evolving Anthem


These are the last 5 songs recorded by band, though only 1 of them was not previously recorded/written or released on previous albums. In 1993 w/ a sit-in drummer on session the founding trio recorded ‘Ikon’ (originally on 1988’s EXIT) plus a Vorticez original from his then current band A Picture of Madagascar, which shared same said drummer, entitled ‘Glass Insulator’: thus this epic pic w/ dozens of these on vintage telephone “landline” pole for those of you under 25 who never heard of such technology! Although the group began recording in fall/winter of 1985, we did not ‘realize’ we had a band or it’s name was Jesvs Wept until the spring of 1986.Having released the 1st album (eponymous, or aka Wake I) and starting to perform, the fans assumed our name was the same as the demo tape they had. This album incidentally also was the ‘001’ genesis of Carrier Communications which has launched the sonic tangents such as jh0st’s solo music and x0pher’s multiple albums under the ‘antimatter’ moniker. Vorticez played either bass, drums, guitar, saxophone, vocals or sampler in over a dozen bands since including records on both Strange Boutique’s label Bedazzled {on fretless w/ Siddal) & Merge Records (w/ Dynamic Truths).

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These 2 jamz from ’93 were recorded by the guitarist brother & another recording engineer who had toured on gtr w/ none other than GG Allin! There is a mix somewhere in Xophers prolific recording archives where his overdubbed analog synths add ambience to ‘Ikon’. At the time none of the instrument rental places in Gotham wanted us to use such a keyboard (we sought a Sequential Circuits Prophet 5) which they considered outdated and reactionary. These bald-on-top ponytail ex-roadies for “washed up & burnt out by grunge” glam metal bands knew jack-doo-doo about how producers like Daniel Lanois (U2, Johnny Cash, Brian Eno) would be pioneering the combo of analog tape and digital editing. So of course they thought “hey why don’t you rent this Yamaha DX-7, it was 1 of 11 onstage for Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’ tour?!? Analog tape {3M 996 the greatest tapestock ever?) on a Studer 24 track rules. What also kicked was the Solid State Logic “flying faders” {actually motorized servo memory controlled ‘sliding’ channels} and the 1960’s Pultec (all-tube) compressor. I had just read about these units in Mix Magazine a few years before and was stoked when Andy agreed to track my bass through it, which gave an almost upright tone.

1956715_10152490856013668_1736738488027487937_o (2) In 2005 w/ Vorticez on drums and overdubbing the bass to jh0st​’s live guitar {he also engineered the recording in his bro’s Kimchee Studio, tho using only Wept’s microphones live onto his Mac}, this bare-bones duo of what we by then just called WEPT did ‘Ikon’ now in it’s 3rd version/ arrangement plus ‘Deforest’ {also off EXIT: Wake IV} both as instrumentals, though we’re not adverse to Xopher finishing the tracks w/ some vox & noises later? We had a running joke that most of the band’s Spinal Tap~worthy bad luck was attributed to a fictional Ghost of Weptmass Past! After losing a blazing version of ‘Telecaster’ {first heard on 1986’s ‘Rudenotse: Wake II’} to the digital ghostgodz, another take was successfully preserved which still needs Vortice’z bass track + Xopher’s vintage Tele dual ‘lead’ gtr & vocal…This session was a direct result of some random 2 piece rehearsals if we bot happened to be in same place & time. Howevz it kept the songs alive enough that this triptych of Weptian classix was recorded on a drumset bought that day just for the session, and we had never practiced the songs w/ Vorticez on drums before. Getting all 1st and 2cd take performances made us remember we spent out entire mid-late adolescence w/ close to (tho not less than!) zero social life, constantly working on our jamz. Once a song’s riffs and arrangements become “muscle memorized”, psychic tempo & dynamic changes become not only possible, they help turn the tune from a melody to our own ‘standard’ from which to improvise off of makes it new every time. Or, as x0pher sang on the original ‘Deforest’ {EXIT, 1988} “Why do we make the same mistakes, every time”!?!

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