~ J E S V S ^ W E P T @ ^ F T. ^ R E N O ^ P A R K ~ { 1 9 8 8 }

~ W E P T @ ^ FO R T ^ R E N O ^ P A R K ~ {August 1988 NW Washington, District of Colombia USA} 

JESVS WEPT played the city-sponsored outdoor stage at Fort Reno Park {near NW Tenleytown radio towers} around this time in summer ’88. By this point we were promoting the just completed EXIT album. We opened for a group called Radio Blue who shared w/ our friends Strange Boutique’s {aka Madhouse} 1st drummer. It was cool to get paid for a free-attendance gig on a summer eve. The band had it’s peak quintet lineup and would play the best cuts off EXIT & Star Ball Contribution plus mid-set harm0l0dic bebop breakdown. We realized later bands like Nation of Ulysses, Fugazi & Foo Fighters were watching!


Gus Sound’s breadvan set up the PA and always stellar live mix; he now runs the board at 9:30 club and still is a fan of our band. Whether he’s mixing for his pals 60 Watt Shaman at a rock bar in Balti, hanging w/ Wino at Ozzfest or running front-of-house sound for the English Beat 9:30 Club gig, it’s always cool to see Gus and when we finish our next album he wants to hear it. Need an opener for any incarnation of Chameleons U.K., Bauhaus, or Bad Seeds? Keep us on the short list for even frontmen solo versions as Mark Burgess, Peter Murphy or Nick Cave to warm up the award winning sound system!

This is art for flyer w/o gig text info. If anyone has copy of finished flyer {or any WEPT tapes/vidz/pix} send ’em here, please . . . info [at] xarrier [dot] com


Last but not least, certainly not in raw freighter tonnage, is the Standell 2×15″ tube amp combo Brainskan played mirage choirs through. It was powerful enough that before jh0st acquired a 2cd-in-stereo amp in his guitar rig, he used to patch the delay inverted mix-out thru this big beast. That thing moved air like an actual gothic cathedral, and needed same size road crew to move it! My physical therapist laments repairs based on our early~vintage choice of ultra-heavy valve amplification. It certainly did no wonders for yr back/knees lugging these “spruce gooses” around in ec0n0car 0mni or Pinto hatchbacks. ‘Standell’ by me?!?

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