XrYz+ W3pt [EXYZT] : {Wake O~O vs. VI-VI-VI} “Zerogain, Yet Exyzting!?!” aka Bluem0000n @ Infinity Xroadz’ Threshold


Greeting all ye Weeping masses and thanks for joining in common ground here at XrYz+ W3pt to enjoin this music of spheres. Tired of Postpunx ‘antistar popularity rep’ vs. ‘underground music cred’ polarity? So are we here, W3/pt. What?!?  Yes, we know the XW/Fb page has been up less than a month yet we must press PAUSE and return when we have a new album ready to share. Yes, that means there will only be re-posts of any Xarriviewz {sympatic0 artiste interview} or writeups for the time being. That is, the time it takes to arrange the songs, demo them, record the final takes and then mix & master it. . .before even adding album sleeve artwerx! So we’ll check in after you’ve had a chance to hear our next promo maXingle, ‘Zerogain, Yet Existing?’ w/ B~side ‘Quadralunar Bluem0000n’ & non-LP track ‘Infinity X~roadz Threshold’. . .


So we’ll pop in here every week or 2 with latest Xarrier re~blog. other than that your on your own with all the old jams to tide you over. So don’t “lament”, just say yes the our new jamz will be worth the wait! Jer Zer0 is our new main guitarist and will co-write the rhythms w/ W Vorticiti using a MIDI sync off his R0land electronic drumset. Then from there we’re going back to our roots as a drum~programming driven beats based band. The initial Wept performances in 1986 were done w/ a R0land TR~707 beatbox. So this bare bones trio including W Vorticiti on basses {plus the odd 12 string or fretless} and Xopher singing lead and adding some textural guitars and laptop based soundscape ‘xynterludes’ which is Xarrispeak for segueway.


Postscript of the premonition ridge: we’re hoping a variety of current/former or session musicians of the Xarriari alumni might sit in as guest musings to the koan of We/pt. How about Brainskan on an ethereal efx flute conjuring miragesque gothik choirs? Or multi-instrumentalist jh0st sitting in on his Gibx0n SG w/ gtr~synth mod, literally “wailing” some eco-c0re? What if Krozz Wa7za was to dust off his ol’ Rockbyrds and kick out a few live drumjamz? Even the wayback 0mnibus polyrhythmic of OG drummer Rudy grooving his iconic “middle earth” tribal WELCOME beat as part of a song’s reinterpretation? JC might throw down a few solos/ basslines; his duo w/ Vorticitii {circa ’99} instrumental ‘Shut Down the Lights” is a bonus track.


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