Don’t Ride the D-Train Straight to Hell, Fools & Saints Alike!

The ultimate bully pulpit is drawing criticism for his personal appearance (including hyper-tan) from those whom he bullies about real & serious issues, thus they are ‘equal’ in media. This leads to a false “underdog” status which rallies his polls from the easily influenced who have + will always follow emotions over facts. Fear mongering xenophobia is a dirty trick/tool that worked for Nixon in ’68, McCarthy in the 50’s ‘red scare’, and a potpourri of dictators throughout history. His gimmick: blaming any /all minority factions for problems in a “us versus them” appeals to the lowest common denominator of the politisphere, from money hungry cable news willing to ride the D-train for ratings to bitter “losers” who want to blame, not be, victims of being left out of the middle & upper parts of our society’s financial or power elite. Which is why he constantly pegs himself as an ‘outsider’ to galvanize that position, which at this point no other candidate from his party can take that mantle. The cartoonish bravado is another diversionary tactic {like the hair}; to distract the real negativity emanating from nearly every well-orchestrated “controversy”.











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