R U Hendrixified? Why Jimi’s Tone Rules Time & Space

Another neat gear guide to dating JH EXP pix is that the extra tall straight front Marshall cabinets were mostly out of backline by late ’67, early 68. They were from the JTM-45/100 KT66 valve (tube in UK) GZ34 valve rectifier series of amps and had the pre~Rolla Celestion greenbacks rated at 20w or was it 25 w each… these cabs typically had a ‘100’ logo or for the rare Bass version then ‘Bass’ on a gold logo in upper left corner of grille which should be the ‘Bluesbreaker’ printed vinyl material…

As opposed to later salt & pepper or basketweave grille material which were used by the time the Marshalls were uniformly logoed Super Lead or Super Bass in script on back of amp. By mid ’69 it was metal not plexi as earlier and some rare ones had plexi front and metal rear or was it vice versa. Think about it like F1 racing bodies & engines being fine tuned during the season except Marshall had no ruling body to slow innovation which was fast & furious in late 60s!

Can’t visually see too many of those changes including the switch to el34 tubes and solid state (transistor) rectifiers, as well as the earlier swith from Drake to Dagnall transformers. What we’re sure of is with the brighter Hz EQ and faster attack of notes on the trans rectifier version, coupled w/ his fave maple cap ’68 Strats, he was like a blind man who could now see the light!

It’s taken forever to even learn these basics, there are amp experts out there that know every date & detail, th0 sadly none seem to focus their knowledge on Jimi enough. Another rare amp he rocked was the JTM ‘black flag’ logo heads as seen on the Monterey ’67 set, right before they changed model names to JMP SuperLead etc.

After being a gtr gear geek for life, I can honestly say that lik​e a​ Pharaoh, Jimi seemed to appear at the zenith of the CBS Strat when his powers were peaking, and rode out the changes of the Marshalls which all sounded epic and as they changed his adapted his style and got more out of them then anyone still yet!

When those who don’t ‘get it’ say so and so guitarist is faster or “better”, it is key to understanding for them that Hendrix played Electricity guitar, while the rest play Electric guitar. . .



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