~M A U R I C E ^ W H I T E ^ { 19.12.41 ~ 03.02.16 } R O C K ^ [ i n ] ^ P A X~

~ M A U R I C E ^ W H I T E ^ R O C K ^ [i n ] ^ P A X ~ { E A R T H ^ W I N D ^ & ^ F I R E }


     Saw these guys about 5 years back on the 4th of July in Philly. The crowd was unruly a mob vibe in the streets after the post-concert fireworks, even the fuzz seemed spooked by the feeling in the streets. We boogied back to the train but it as a haul and were glad to get out of there. Still that effort was worth every second of the stunningly funky badass set Earth , Wind & Fire lay down for the crowd. Our hearts here at the xarrier|infrastarwerx are atuned to the remorse of the whole White family and extended Earth Wind and Fire tribe & global fans. The passing of Maurice White is an epic loss for music.

     Maurice White & brother Verdine brought the jamzthunder boogie like none other. Anyone who knows me knows I’m 1st & foremost a bassist thats what got me inspired to play & write in 1st place. They also would know that my main bassmen were James Jamerson, Berry Oakley, Kira Roessler, JJ Burnell, JACO Pastorious, Billy Cox, Mick Karn, Lemmy Kilmister Mot├Ârhead, Peter Hook & Derek Forbes as well as regional legend Vance Bockis. Yet if there was 1 bassist who I could be “just for 1 day”? The true bass hero in my pantheon of Rushmore low end theorems? Maurice’s brother Verdine lives!

     Verdine White owned the stage like no 1 else I’ve seen before or since, plunking slapping and grooving effortless bassliens w/ a giant smile all while doing a serpentine shuffle across the stage somehow simultaneously doing Motown ‘steps’ w/ the band who were clearly following his dance lead as well as melodic captaining of the quite large EW&F mothr/\ship connection. At that moment I knew who all bassists’ pops was, and his long rocker hair further redefined a rebel within the funk soul gospel and bad to bone boogie~chillums the smoked the minds of funkateers and dance mercenary’s worldwide since ’75! Stay mothr/\freakin’ funky and praise Earth Wind & Fire as the elements of groo\/ille… rr-vpco[1]

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