~M A U R I C E ^ W H I T E ^ { 19.12.41 ~ 03.02.16 } R O C K ^ [ i n ] ^ P A X~

~ M A U R I C E ^ W H I T E ^ R O C K ^ [i n ] ^ P A X ~ { E A R T H ^ W I N D ^ & ^ F I R E }


     Saw these guys about 5 years back on the 4th of July in Philly. The crowd was unruly a mob vibe in the streets after the post-concert fireworks, even the fuzz seemed spooked by the feeling in the streets. We boogied back to the train but it as a haul and were glad to get out of there. Still that effort was worth every second of the stunningly funky badass set Earth , Wind & Fire lay down for the crowd. Our hearts here at the xarrier|infrastarwerx are atuned to the remorse of the whole White family and extended Earth Wind and Fire tribe & global fans. The passing of Maurice White is an epic loss for music.

     Maurice White & brother Verdine brought the jamzthunder boogie like none other. Anyone who knows me knows I’m 1st & foremost a bassist thats what got me inspired to play & write in 1st place. They also would know that my main bassmen were James Jamerson, Berry Oakley, Kira Roessler, JJ Burnell, JACO Pastorious, Billy Cox, Mick Karn, Lemmy Kilmister Motörhead, Peter Hook & Derek Forbes as well as regional legend Vance Bockis. Yet if there was 1 bassist who I could be “just for 1 day”? The true bass hero in my pantheon of Rushmore low end theorems? Maurice’s brother Verdine lives!

     Verdine White owned the stage like no 1 else I’ve seen before or since, plunking slapping and grooving effortless bassliens w/ a giant smile all while doing a serpentine shuffle across the stage somehow simultaneously doing Motown ‘steps’ w/ the band who were clearly following his dance lead as well as melodic captaining of the quite large EW&F mothr/\ship connection. At that moment I knew who all bassists’ pops was, and his long rocker hair further redefined a rebel within the funk soul gospel and bad to bone boogie~chillums the smoked the minds of funkateers and dance mercenary’s worldwide since ’75! Stay mothr/\freakin’ funky and praise Earth Wind & Fire as the elements of groo\/ille… rr-vpco[1]

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