Info Age Blues: {Why Cream Has 411 and Politics = 000} ‘Unleash Thee Locusts’ x SULTANZ u.v. {+} VORTYX “blackened progressive doom” ~ new xingle!

      It dawned on this mf while watching Cream’s farewell concert at the Royal Albert hall that any 30 seconds of their music that might contains more actual human knowledge, wisdom and enlightening messages then any comparative 30 minutes of political hogwash bullshit new~speak nonsense. Every one continues to foam at the mouth about their candidate being more patriotic and holier then the next one. We say fuck that bullshit, listen to EC wail on a 1 pickup ‘reverse’ Gibson Firebird I thru Marshall ‘plexi’ triple stacks and be done with it. Robert Johnson would be freaking stoked, esp if they cut him in on the profits?!

      Still, god damn them boys took that song out to lunch and a dirty cheap hot afternoon in a hourly motel didn’t they? Simply steaming with raw lust and ambition, kind of like if the Stooges had mega~chops or Spinal Tap could really play all the swagger they marched by!? Cream’s original numbers were nothing to sneeze at either. Just set up the very loudest home sound system you can and play this entire gig, or the Grande Ballroom ones if you can find them, crank them pups up to 11 and learn the truth. Cream paved the way for Jimi’s trio, who of course {at least on the lead} took the same plan out to space and beyond.

      Even Clapton warming up on his SG ‘Fool’ guitar demoing how a wah wah pedal works has more 411 in it than most bands; he was never better before of since. Could anyone actually play anything weak over Ginger Bakers jazz meets African voodoo drums plus Jack Bruce’s wicked Bach meets Willie Dixon thunder staff? Of course not… Now: back to the nightmare of our country being quite possibly over-run by nationalist xenophobic pseudo~fascist  dumazz tramps. Oh wait: turn off the tv, and either plug in yr guitar or play some heavy jamz and just say FVCK IT. Be free despite the sickly mucous green jealousy of others who are spiritually Neanderthals.

     Get yr ‘Rocks Off’ like Keef would {who wrote that song} playing LOUD {think 1972 Stones tour w/ all Ampeg backline}. Be digging yr own ideas not as a slave to someone else’s! Just say yes to TOTAL FREEDOM in yr muthfuckin’ soul, that is for those who still have one. . . If it has not been sold to the cheapest set of prefab beliefs at the crossroads between enlightenment and the utter pitfalls of hell? Which are what the brainwashed masses endure in their lives of blind dependency on some hot air know nothing fear monger leader cause they can’t think for their satan~soiled selves.

     The end, and if you need some help don’t read much more, your freedom is in the music and just ask anyone who knows sound to play you the truth. It’s all around us like outer space it goes on in infinite horizons. Long live rock, for those about to we salute you mf’s and don’t forget to KICK OUT THE JAMZ MUTHAFVCKAZ!  {When in doubt listen to the MC5 or Stooges.} From there all dishonest music will wither to silence as the Coltranes & Ornettes & Birds & Sun Ras & Albert Aylers & Eric Dolphys take you to a zenith of eargasm. Hell’s bells ring on our highway to heavy!


FAQ/ Re: first new Xarrier official music release since 2013’s Serpent’s Exile ENTER Ep

When was the song created?

The basic tracks of double live vocals, lead guitar and electric piano were recorded in the middle of the night during the Serpent’s Exile sessions at a low volume. Think of Comte de Lautréamont’s Les Chants de Maldoror, which was written to the solitary clang of atonal piano chords by candlelight!?! The minimal sub-octave bassline and beat, including the freak0utjazz industrial percussion solo were added before the holidaze of 2015. The final mix, mastering and album artwerx were finalized in early 2016. . .

Who does the song feature?

zultanite vorticitii L|X: lead gtr, chant vox, lyrix

jh0st : wurlitzer, demon vox, rhythm section

ghost u.v. weptmass past: sombient hauntings

Who is the song dedicated to?

Drew Cook, a progressive metal guitarist and avant~garde musician based out of the Bay Area, he played in both Dimesland and Wild Hunt. An awesome player & person who was humble yet had immense talent to spare. Despite leaving us in 2015, he rocks our souls forever when we look at the night sky, then feedback our amps to howl at the void . . .Viva le Drew!!! OO R O C K [i n] P A X

What is the new song called, what’s it catalog number, name of record label & label’s motto?

$ultanz u.v.+hee \/0rtyx ‘Unleash thee Locusts’ xingle on Xarr!er |nfrastarwerX Rekordingz 

“0bserving thee Eye Sage Pan0ptican since 1984’s InfraStrucktural disInformation IceAge”

{ +3|3|09!x 930d3s!9n / SUVTV-OO2 } 

What is a ‘xingle’?

A song download {future vinyl} Xarrier~Ge0des9 Recordz single. . .

Who are Sultanz u.v. thee Vortyx?

The returning champions {’95~’97} of interstellar space doom psych blues. . .

Why’s the song titled ‘Unleash the Locusts’?

The music is a swarm of improvisation conjuring the cold mountains of dwarf forged steel and the elusive post-free jazz Xarrier has been helping to evolve on and off for decades. . .

What role does nature have in spacerock?

The semi-rural thematic movements in the song copy the organic patterns of the forest on the cover art. Allowing scopes of harmony & groove which attempt to emulate natural cycles in any ecosystem. . .

What were the sources of this exact composition?

Near the end of the Serpent’s Exile ENTER album, the first Sultanz u.v. thee V0rtyx xingle was released. At the start or conclusion of each recording session, experimental ‘comprovisationz’ {composed improv} would help set up the levels and tones for the next session. ‘Unleash thee Locusts’ was initially an exorcism of sardonic telelogical “devil’s advocate” lyrics in the tradition of WEPT’s ‘industrial/exurbia’ xingle from ’84 and the converse musical lineage of ‘odom’ or ‘urban psychosis’  {Wake 1} or ‘stoner rythyms’ ‘{Wake 2 outakes}which featured gtr, distorted synth or alto sax harmolodic soling over doom punk blues/ pre-grindcore / parking garage tribal grooves. ‘Unleash thee Locusts’ takes Xarrier to the next level rooftop of sonik panoramas: all instruments in a counterpoint roundrobin take turns soloing of support the soling in an organic manner.


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