No Thanks! WTF? unauthorized vendors selling Serpent’s Exile downloads?


Xarrier Infrastawerx will be taking screen shots, IP addresses and full details on the illegal distribution of our music worldwide from the startups to Goliaths ripping us off. Looks like we might have gotten the global distribution of our music hoped for…just w/o our approval!


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Being Liberal

Just sayin’. . .

21 hours ago

C. G. Jung Society of Colorado Springs

23 hours ago

The Conscious Kid

23 hours ago

Chinese Man Spends $400,000 To Buy A Slaughterhouse & Saves 2,000 Dogs.

1 day ago

How to donate to repair Notre Dame after devastating fire

~ U N E S C O ^ H E R I T A G E ^ S I T E ~ ND Cathedral represents & inhabits way more than religion, the peak of pre~Renascence western arts,..

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Ruins of 'black magic' house up for sale

~ B O L E S K I N E ^ H O U S E ~ Jimmy Page, Alister Crowley , just a little paint and an exorcist she’ll be rigt, fine?!?

1 day ago

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