‘In-Wept’ Uber~Genuii Archives Vol.111: 1st Person Skyzeye View u.v. X/\rrier X0mmvnixationz {mk I}

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      Every 2 or 3 years we enjoy the occasional random shoutout of the blue from the rare audience member/ friend of band/ fan. Whom we did not realize how much they enjoyed our musical contributions back in the day?! Of course that’s what it was all about: communication. We pick up this tale midstream some decades back, from a university student who saw the songs being written, later rehearsed then performed. This is what it was like then & there… Thanx CC for your insightful reflections on the original Carrier Communications Cassettes DIY culture of genuine independent music & arts.

      “At some stage we along w/ drummer Krozz Warzaw went off in search of an {abandoned electric factory} near the river and filmed some movie for an art class. {Really? Does that footage exist in any format?}  I was also was at the rehearsal at someone’s apartment and then performance at {the rockclub} Rockeyetz, and your final show at the Henries Straights Gallery.  I still remember how good the rehearsal before the Rockeyetz show was; everyone acknowledged it was great at the time. . .and how local (blue’s finest?} showed up at the gallery because of a noise complaint.”

      “I’ve been listening to {Xarrier music} some recently, so I decided to look up the band and see what has been happening.  I was amazed to be able to find various albums on {Slamaslime, the Wall-fart of Eshopping/ -Editor’s opinion only}, now gone apparently, and of course also to find greater detail in discography @ Xarrier {dotcom}.”

      “I still have EXIT {Wake IV}, and the tape of IRATE by Wili B. {Vorticitii}  b/w “Your Know It Baby” [sic] you gave me at the Student Commons one day.  I don’t know how I ended
up with a cassette of  {jh0st’s} Resonance.  Unfortunately I lost the 3 tapes of Jesus
Wept albums
you gave me in a blue {early 80’s political} debate debriefing 3-xassette
holder, when I gave it to some other students who lived in our building.
They moved to another apartment, which I visited a few times, and they lost
the tapes and blue binder {of yr Wept music xassettes} somewhere along the way.”

     “Attached is a scan of a {red silhouette hand toned Infrastructuralismo} promo-poster photo you made and gave to me at a time and place long since forgotten.  Also attached are some lyrics or poems I suppose. I have been cleaning out old stuff that has been packed away since forever to reduce the amount of stuff I have in storage, and I found these items then.”

      The lyric sheet you sent are 3 songs {IndianGrabber & Ice Age} off our 3rd demo album aka it’s official name Star Ball Contribution​. I do think that the original of that is in a folder, it might be on flyer subpage?

“I hope you all are doing well.”


      {ironically enough this light in the darkness of Xarrier music history has same initials as Carrier Communications?!? yet yes this is a genuine, edited in parentheses recollection}

Our reply:

      I think you have a rare view, at least in written account of memory, of how well the band sounded when NOT onstage. We lacked all budget to achieve a perfect mix live, esp when given merely 30 minutes for our 90+ minute set . Wept was based on listening to each other and changing on the fly where the song might go…at the time unheard of in post punk. That approach was more Allman Brothers th0 Sonic Youth also could do it, who were a major inspiration. The no sound check and nearly non existent monitor spkrs mix onstage meant live was the luck of the draw for us. Yet when we had a simpatico soundman we generally were better then the sum of our parts, and could play a whole near 2 hr set if we were headlining w/ total communication to each other and crowd. That was the goal every time.

      The details of the 3 demo packaging are hilarious, as was the fuzz showing up to tell us to turn down. Unless you reminded me of that I would not have know because it happened all the time from before we even gigged in a new city! Unless we were in a club getting paid there was decent chance of getting shut down over volume. Aside from our fans and friends, there was near zero respect for what we were doing then: independent music was strictly underground. Being harassed, silenced and roadblocked by the powers that be, competing local bands, or even the actual soundman? Turning us off mid song when we opened for Psychic TV (the infamous bassist in pajamas pants and orange tuxedo shirt Wept show ahaha) which due to the band’s feeling of not hitting our marks caused the group to never play professionally again. . .

 . . . Except at the gallery show you saw (also shut down beyond our control) and the drummers house party may have been later too. We actually never broke up, the guitarist got a/ busy w/ school elsewhere b/ joined another band c/ seemed baffled by the chaos of our cities punk scene. The keyboardist {aka numre0~minimalist composer Irreverend Brainskan XIII} non-ironically went on a missionary phase for his church overseas. The drummer ended up moving everywhere and playing drums w/ as many bands on bass etc as I did by staying where we started. Krozz Warzaw continues to create art {see Christopher Wassell: Art on Fb after having drummed for Crash Worship among many others.

      The singer got heavily into his oil painting and opened a Xarrier {on left coast} gallery called ‘Exhibit Zero’ which Vorticite participated in a group multi-media/ photography/music show, which included his epic 150 foot scroll. Xopher then got a degree in Electronic Music from Mills College going on to have a career in sound engineering for Electronic Arts video games, pro audio mastering for Asphodel and solo music as Antimatter Sound System. jh0st meanwhile did a career in architecture {previously Single speed Design, now Project: Architecture} and after a quarter century gap has revived his songwriting efforts on jh0st.com for his music & writeups on his own music nomad~ness.

      In 1993 the 3 main Wepsters (bass/gtr/ vox) had a drummer we knew record 2 songs in a Gotham studio. In 2005 just the gtr player w/ me on drums and later bass did 3 songs (all versions off of EXIT Wake IV or Wake II, except the ‘Glass Insulator’ tune being one Vorticite wrote from his then new band A Picture of Madagascar. That ends the story till today, and there may be a new record by next year if at least 3 of those original members are involved in its writing and recording. Seeing as the drummer has been heavily woodsheddng his beBop jazz chops, whilst jh0st was offered architecture teaching gig abroad. This potential is epic as we have chosen a new guitarist Jerzer0 next, and singer/ ambient co-lead guitarist Xopher has agreed to engineer ‘Infiniti Versus Trihex: Wake VI’ so Xryzt Wept ” version 6.3 ” awaits!
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