Zerpent’z Exile: Betrayed by Dezign? {Eden’z False Premise, Promise & Pretense!}

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Vorticite performing at International Autoshow @ Maryland Convention Center w/ BC Rich Bich gtr. Lamborghini Countach formerly owned by adult instructional video filmstar Ron ‘Hedgehog’ Jeremy.

      Thee name Zerpent’z Exile is based in Genesis: as the song Zerpent u.v. Copper was our goth revison of Revelations?!? That ‘creation myth’ u.v. Genesis; all the alleged good book is good for, nothing more or less then another tribal antiquity to be cataloged by the likes of Joseph Campbell. In the Book of Genesis, thee Zerpent gifts wisdom the woman, who in turn shares it with man. For this they are all unjustly & cruelly punished: the Zerpent forever doomed to crawl on his belly , thee woman merely a rib of a man and both genders now have to be banished form a paradise lost, and wear clothes after a blissful lack of shame?

      What a load of misogynistic, animal hating,  psuedototalitarian wannabee deity bullshit! Thee presumptuous alleged god was in fact proven by there  own deeds a fraud. Consequently, thee Zerpent was in fact the hero in the myth, thee brave ophidian who in the face of certain retaliation by a petulant, jealous and wrathful/vengeful ‘god’, liberated thee humans from grand deceit of ignorance foisted upon them. Thus thee Zerpent was Exiled, and herein was the basis of the blues, which forged over the heat of Marshall triple stacks became heavy metal. And it was badass. . .

As per the Zerpent’s Exile backstory let’s start at the beginning as Yogi Berra might put it… before the name there was the Riff. The riff specifically meaning the verse & chorus of Wolftriniti, aka Xarriarai Wolftriniti aka Gyrex Overlord aka Zultanz Theme. Ironically it was incepted as a bassline, which future Zerpent drummer Ger Zer0 was playing guitar in a 50 foot ceiling warehouse w/ a drummer playing a half electronic/ half acoustic set. That was in 1994, and wold eventually be recorded by 4 bands.

      Yet the Xhaman full song was demoed including slide gtr lead in 1991! That was indeed the transitional song between Wept’s deathrock and a future deathmetal infused hardrock/ prog which we know now as Zerpentz Exile. As for Crescent Eye, Lunar Leopard (which is in itself a medley of 2 songs, the middle accelerating section being ‘Electric Kick’) and Serpent of Copper all those riffs and songs were written circa winter 2005~ summer 2009, right before Xarrier relaunched under the current webpage on July 4, 2010.

      Stardown Caravan alone was conceived during the tracking and production/recording of the ENTER album, which spans the years autumn 2011~ spring 2013. Except for wanting to fuse Lunar Leopard and Electric Kick into a single speed-up on purpose bigcat anti~poaching anthem, and some extensive arrangement collaborations on the structure of Wolftriniti (including co-writing some new riffs for the structure of the xynterlude {psych~quiet middle section of tune}, all riffs and arrangements as well as production ideals were Vorticite’s vision.


      Plate reverb, tape delay and other 70’s touches not to forget John Bonham’s literal samples of 1 of his lesser used yet personally owned kits is what sets our finished product from the competition. Opeth and other bands have lately also turned back to move forward; in their case Jethro Tull? Or the noncoms supergroup Ghost’s blatant Blue Oyster Cult references, after Wolftriniti did the same first in modern progmetal? Not surprising as a certain Foo~vana drummer at least drummed if not co-produced their debut LP. More on how he and his cronies ripped off Mudhoney, Killing Joke and Jesvs Wept in another future writeup. Even the bass player switched to Gibson Grabber/Rippers, and proceeded to then ask his roadie to clone the entire TAD’s bass rig…

      In terms of the tensions within the band over artistic navigation and leadership direction, we will eventually author a 13 volume encyclopedic compendium entitled ‘Man of Zorrows: Vorticiti Weeping in the face of Exile’ detailing jh0st’s near Tyrannosaurus approach to band rehearsals and recording sessions, particularly perplexing when in Zerpent’s example they were not his songs? Not unlike Lifeson/Lee being  in their own camp and Peart being the lyricist while singer Geddy had to interpret his word-dense musings. More accurately the Who’s notorious fistfights between mastermind/composer and frontman Daltry.

      While although Daltry more often won Townsend was not unknown to throw a guitar at him or an entire reel to reel tape player at the soundman if the tape intro to Baba O’Reily was flawed live. Well, luckily it never got that ugly, tho at least 2 guitars were smashed in a quest for ultimate power in Wept! Not to mention the drummers cymbal literally being bandsawed by a superintendent of ‘no-fills during the chorus’ recording engineer/ lead guitarist! Let’s leave it at that for now… for those who laugh at the chance of a 13 volume history of Xarrier music, our laugh will be loudest when you buy every book on an installment plan like a K-Tell records of slaytanik epics. For those who did not laugh, we salute you!

     We here at Xarrier have no idea what Jhost’s writeup {Re: the power of the serpentine ID in municipal p/Re:vision or per/versions?} was getting on about. We received no Luciferian bump in our own appeal based on the music! Perhaps we here at Xarrier have been living in a star studded delusional animal magnetism all these decades? Well yes, vehement self~belief will get ya a 2cd glance from a potential foxy lady, th0 it might not work “when it’s time to prize the gig take out of a reluctant to pay up clubowner” after a show. {Spinal Tap manager/ paraphrase}

     Rock bands don’t survive off of groupies (well maybe with the exception of the mid80s G’n’R}, they gotta put gasoline in the van and buy speakers and guitars when they trash them on stage and on tour. That’s when you need badass roadie like the ones the original Duane-era Allman Brothers Band had in Twigs Lyndon, Red Dog & Kim Payne! They could fix the music gear, the truck’s engine, and always got paid in full for services provided. Wicked hours of masterful jams from in their road/case the brothers Duane & Gregg’s jazzbluesrock visions. Vorticite is forged from Skydog’s vapor trails. . .


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